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Heather Spears is a fashion designer who designs and hand makes outfits, gowns costumes and more for her clients. She specializes in couture but works hard to bring her looks directly to consumers as well. Recently, she got the idea to expand what she does in ways that fits her philosophy; each and every person is special and should be able to express that through fashion. Here, she can express herself in a few important ways; booking clients for exclusive one-of-a-kind couture outfits and actively working to reach a wider audience. She makes sure her items are as special and unique as those she makes them for but don’t take it from us. Let Heather Spears explain why she does what she does.

A note from designer, Heather Spears, about her life, her business and her passion:

“Confidence changes everything and nothing makes a person feel more confident than looking their best. I began sewing and designing my own clothes when I was young with the idea to make something that fit my oddly proportioned body. Something about wearing what I wanted in ways I wanted it to fit made me feel beautiful; I wasn’t odd, I was me; beautiful, kind and uniquely me. All of the sudden I didn’t care what everyone else was wearing because I had something unique to me. My life was no longer a worry to fit in, it was all about standing out!

Growing up with this idea, I found I wasn’t alone. Everyone has found themselves in a position of compromising desire in the world of fashion. Here, we are on a mission to bestow the best confidence in each of our clients and customers in the same way it helped me; with items uniquely you, or a representation of being the strong unique person that you are. Here you can get one-of-a-kind fashions never to be duplicated or replicated for another person as well as shop our wider audience looks with the strong message of expressing individuality.

Nothing says special like having something made for you and you alone. But nothing says I am me and standing out is okay like shopping our looks.

Our designs have been featured on TV, movies, music videos, across red carpets, and for unique special events. We strive to make our designs feel like an experience when you put them on as we truly believe that everyone is extraordinary, unique, special and beautiful. Everyone is welcome to be the proud, confident and special person that we know they are an show that in their style.

Our philosophy is to be the you that you want the world to see. Express yourself in whichever way you dream. With a Heather Spears design, the limits are as large or small as your imagination; whether you order a custom look or find one of our pieces in stores. We are expertly trained in making your dreams come true and avidly work to bring that exclusive feeling to a wider audience through our more popular designs.

Let us help you show the world the lovely person you are without limitations.”

Our designer, Heather Spears, is a driven individual with a kind heart. Her drive, generosity, and understanding makes purchasing with Heather Spears one of the most unique, rewarding experiences out there. As she continues to deliver the quality she is proud of she hopes each and every one of her clients feels pride in what they wear from her. Now, take a look around the website to find where she fits into your fablous life.

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