My Ariana Grande Outfit Recreation Gallery – Recreation of VMA ‘Rain on Me’ Outfit

My Ariana Grande outfit recreation gallery inspired by the song Rain on Me

I made an Ariana Grande outfit inspired by her performance during ‘Rain on Me’ at the VMAs. This was a jaw-dropping performance with Lady Gaga. The outfit the singer wears is incredible. It’s so her style with added glam for a stunning stage presence. Because the performance was so inspiring, I made my own version of the star’s fashion.

This is my version of an Ariana Grande outfit with that VMA performance in mind. The fabric choices may be different but I am still in love with this outfit. The one I made is out of a beautiful metallic purple snake print fabric. The fabric holds its structure incredibly and mirrors Ariana’s iconic style.

For these photos, you’ll notice other elements I used to style myself like a celebrity. Things like clip-in long hair, similar shoes, and the right stockings help to complete the fashion. Putting together a look like this really comes down to the styling afterward. And although making clothes is one of my favorite pastimes, getting the outfit on and style is a big part of the fun.

If you would like to see this look in action and moving around I do have a YouTube video featuring the Ariana Grande outfit. In the video, I go over different elements that make this outfit complete. At the end of the video, I even open up an opportunity to win this outfit.

Take a look at the photo gallery below to check out the complete photoshoot I did dressed like Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande Outfit Photoshoot – My DIY Celebrity Outfit

Ariana Grande outfit style inspired by Rain on Me with Lady Gaga Full Ariana Grande inspired photoshoot recreation by Heather Spears Halloween dress up as Ariana Grande from Rain on Me VMA performance







Ariana Grande outfit recreation by Heather Spears 2 pc purple mantellic set inspired by Ariana Grande










Girl styled like Ariana Grande for a Full photoshoot Remake of Ariana Grande Outfit Photoshoot inspired by Rain on Me VMA Performance by Heather Spears Ariana Grande Outfit by Heather Spears






Ariana Grande outfit recreation by Heather Spears Rain on me Performance outfit recreation












Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my work. I love doing outfits like this and have more of my work to view in the portfolio section of my website. Feel free to browse my portfolios for unique fashion, gowns, costumes, and more.