Borderlands 3 Cosplay Photoshoot | Mind Blowing Idea

I did a Borderlands 3 cosplay photoshoot to anticipate the release of the upcoming video game. I am an artist at heart, and although Borderlands isn’t my favorite game series in the world, I fell in love with the game’s art direction. If you noticed, the game’s marketing had beautiful masks from the popular villain character to advertise the game. The masks that the characters wear in the game are plain however their marketing material shows them off in fun, artistic directions. Because of the magnificent marketing material, I knew I wanted to do something t celebrate the release of this game, so I made cosplay. I didn’t stop at the costume, though. That just wouldn’t have been enough! I also hand-painted a large photo backdrop to set up for a DIY photoshoot in my garage!

I made a video showing my process that you can watch below. The video showcases the making of an idea behind this project. One of my favorite parts was painting the backdrop and masks to match the marketing material. I painted my own cosplay look as a back and white version of the game’s marketing, did the entire shoot then moved on to a colorful version for my sister. In between the shoot, I had to hand paint and color the backdrop to get the full effect of the idea I had.

Borderlands 3 Cosplay Photoshoot Described

Video Filmed, Edited and Hosted by Heather Spears

Please see the video above for more details on how I put this photoshoot together!

The photos below showcase my sister and me as characters from the game. I feature myself in a black and white look while I made and completed the idea for my sister in full color. These contrasting elements give the artistic idea I aimed to achieve along with matching the games making material.

I am excited to play the game now that I have done this Borderlands 3 cosplay project to celebrate. Sometimes inspiration strikes where you least expect it, and with this at-home photoshoot, that is exactly what happened. Finally, check out the gallery below to see our pictures.