General Information

Who is Heather Spears?

Heather Spears is the lead designer for our brand. You can learn more on our “About Us” page.

What type of garment requests are acceptable?

We specialize in evening gowns, wedding gowns, costumes and other special event wear. With that being said, any request can be possible with the right amount of communication.  If you have a special idea you would like to run by us we will assess your request and give you a time frame / price that may be different than our typical gown suggestions.

What services do you offer?

We make one-of-a-kind garments. We make pre-made one-of-a-kind, exclusive and limited release outfits in our store and offer custom orders where you can speak with one of our designers and have something made just for you.

We pride ourselves on our custom attire and work very closely with our clients to make their dreams come true. Want to know a bit more on how we work? Take a look at our “How does it work” page for more information.

Where can I purchase one of your creations?

Our designs are sold exclusively on our website. We are working with local boutiques in the Los Angeles area to feature our looks, however, with the rarity and limited quality of our hand-made pieces, they sell fast.

Keep up to date with us on social media to find out which local boutiques are featuring one of our looks for your chance to see what we are made of in person. We also update our social media platforms with opportunities for trunk shows, fashion shows, and sample sales.

Orders and Returns

What is the typical price range on a custom order?

Custom orders vary in price depending on what you are ordering. The best way to get an accurate estimate on your project is via a short description of your desire in our “Contact Box“. We proudly remain negotiable and competitive.

Do you accept all orders?

While we would love to work with everyone, our staff is limited and we refuse to sacrifice quality. If we already have clients booked in a specific time frame we may not be able to take your order. Please allow us time to complete orders. We ask for patience and understanding if we are already booked and apologize if we cannot accept your order.

Do you offer any discounts?

We cannot offer any discounts on fully customized orders, however, we do offer discounts on already completed garments used for photo shoots or portfolio pieces (not designed for clients). We consider these garments sample items and sell them for a discounted price compared to traditional custom, exclusive, and limited edition items.

Do you take orders from other states? Can we complete a custom order online?

Although the answer is yes, we prefer to take orders local for better communication and to offer free alterations if needed. We get a high volume of custom order requests and do favor clients that we feel we can best help. We offer extended services including photo and video sessions for our local clients as well.

Do you take returns?

As much as we would love to accept returns we cannot accept returns at this time. All garments are exclusive, limited, custom ordered, custom fit or just for you. Because the item is made for you we cannot accept it back. If you have a problem with your order please contact your designer directly. They will do everything in their power to fix that problem.

If you order from our store and experience a problem please reach out to us via our contact sheet and we will assist you in the best way possible.

How long does it take to complete a custom wedding gown?

It takes a considerable amount of time to complete a gown which is why the amount of orders we accept is limited. We ask our clients to allow us at least 6 months prior to the date you need your order on all large orders.

Rush orders are accepted on a case by case basis for an additional charge. Please remember that the longer the time frame given to complete the garment the more likely your order will be able to be accepted.

How do I know if you have time to complete my order?

The best way to find out our schedule is by submitting a request for custom orders in our “Contact Box“. We do make regular updates on our social media pages when the time for booking popular slots are still available.

Do you accept out of Country orders?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate orders out of the United States at this time.

Can you duplicate the outfit in a picture that I have?

We are a design company and pride ourselves on our own custom creations. We do not and will not duplicate another design, however, we do appreciate using other designs and photos as inspiration to make something unique. Old photographs of relatives in something special, a style you have your heart set on and more are completely fine, however, the finished product will be a unique design.

Social Media and Collaborations

How can I be featured on your social channels?

Anyone in one of our creations can be featured on our social channels if they want. There are a few ways to be considered for a feature. Just send us an email through our “Contact Box” and we will gladly offer you a spot in our line-up as well as a tagged shout-out.

I work in the press and would like to do a feature, how should I got about getting my information?

Please visit our “Contact Page” and view the “press” tab. We would love to hear from you! One of our representatives will respond to your query shortly.

I would love to model or photograph one of your creations, is there a way we can set something up?

We are opened to ideas about collaborations on a case by case basis. You can view the criteria on acceptable submissions on our “Collaboration Request Criteria” page. Please refer to our “Contact Page“, “Collaboration” tab to submit your request.