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What is a Garment?

So you may have heard the term garment before. But many of us still don’t exactly know what a garment is. In fact, it can get pretty confusing to those, not in the fashion industry. A garment refers to what we wear, and that’s the base of the term in its simplest form.

Garments are a type of clothing that covers the body. They can be made from many different materials, including cloth, leather, or other fabrics. In addition, garments are often decorated or have special features, such as buttons or zippers. As another word for clothing, garments are typically worn to protect the body from the elements or make the person wearing them look nicer.

There are many different types of garments, including shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses. You may also hear the word apparel used as a synonym for the term. The fashion industry uses the term to describe different items of clothing. For example, a designer might create a new line of women’s garments, including blouses, dresses, and pants.

The bottom line is simple, garment refers to anything worn rather than naming specifics. It is used in fashion to describe complete lines of clothing that offer a wide selection of styles. A garment often refers to one generalized piece of clothing, while apparel refers to a broad spectrum of clothing items, and clothing is a typical daily term that is a synonym for both!

As a working fashion designer, terms like this are part of my daily routine. However, even though they are common in my line of work, others typically wonder why a specific term is used in place of another. I hope this detailed guide helps clear up some of the fog as you continue your fashion journey. Fashion terms can be challenging to master, but they become second nature once you know what they mean.

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