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How to Make Easy DIY Maternity Dress

Easiest DIY Maternity Dress featured image showing cutting fabric and finished outfit

When I say how to make this easy DIY maternity dress, I truly mean easy. This DIY is so easy you don’t need prior experience or a pattern. With the right fabric, a sewing machine, and scissors; you can make this perfectly cute casual maternity dress.

The idea for this dress came from a conversation I had with my pregnant sister. She told me how uncomfortable she was and how sad she felt not being able to wear her old clothes. She loves to look cute but she was quickly outgrowing clothing options that make her feel like herself.

Well, she was talking to the right person because this Aunt to be, loves to make clothes. So I came up with a quick DIY that anyone could do. This is probably the easiest DIY maternity dress in the world. And the best part is, the dress looks great in different shapes and sizes. So without further ado let’s get creating!

Easy DIY Maternity Dress – How to make it?

Step 1: Layout fabric with a lot of stretch. Make sure the fabric stretches a lot like the poly-spandex mix I am using in the photo above.

Picture showing Step 1 in Making Easy Pregnancy clothes Fabric Stretch

Step 2: Fold your fabric in half (right sides together) to create a fold. The fold should be on the sorter end of your fabric or the fabric’s width.


Easiest DIY Maternity Dress Step 2 Folding fabric

Step 3: Measure your shoulders from one shoulder to the other. That measurement will be the measurement of the width of your fabric (area with fold). Cut off access fabric.

Step 3 Making Pregnancy clothes measuring Fabric Width


Step 4: Fold your fabric once more, this time on the length. Then from the fold slightly taper the length of the dress by cutting the fabric.

Step 4 how to make pregnancy clothes folding fabric long ways Step 4 how to make pregnancy clothes folding cutting fabric at a slant

Step 5: Cut a neck hole where the fabric folds meet. Then open the length fold back up to reveal your dress shape.

Easiest DIY Maternity Dress Step 5 Cutting Neck Hole

Step 6: Measure and mark out to the armhole exist on each side of the neck hole. My measurements here are roughly 8 inches but yours can vary based on how large you want the sleeve to exist.

Making Pregnancy Clothes Step 6 Marking Arm Hole

Step 7: Sew up the sides of the garment to the point we mark for our armhole exist.

How to make Pregnancy Clothes Easy Step 7 Sides Sewn

Step 8: Finish the edges by folding the fabric over and sewing the edge with either a double-needle stitch or zigzag stitch to maintain the fabric’s stretch.

Step 8 Making Pregnancy clothes heming bottom and finishing sides

Now, the easy DIY maternity dress is done and ready to try on!

How to make Easiest DIY Maternity Dress Ever by Heather Spears Sarah in Finished Dress

DIY Pregnancy Dress Video Tutorial

If you are looking for more of a detailed explanation of each step check out my video tutorial. This video tutorial is making this same dress from start to finish.

I hope this simple how-to inspire you to make one of these cute looks for yourself. I did this for maternity but it’s also a simple project for regular wear and can even be altered into a top by cutting the length sorter.

If you end up using this tutorial to make this easy DIY maternity dress for yourself, please tag me on social media. I would love to see the fun ideas this tutorial inspired you to create!