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I Made a Free Standing Flower Wall for my Photoshoots

3 different styles of free standing flower walls for photoshoots
DIY Free Standing Flower Wall photoshoot Backdrop Large
Heather Spears making Custom Photoshoot Backdrop

I made a free-standing flower wall so that I could take beautiful pictures of some of the designs I make. Usually, you’ll see either myself or my sister Sarah wearing the clothes I make. That is because I can’t stop making. Even during times, I am not working with a client, I am still trying to better my skills and continue to design and make. Because I make so many clothes, I wanted a space that truly said ‘wow’ so that I could take their pictures.

My first step was to create a photo studio in my garage. I have retractable backdrops in white, black, and a green screen! The white and black come in handy, but the green screen is where I truly get creative. I come from a big background in photo and video editing. I won some awards in school for that, and because I have such a passion for it, I needed a green screen to use at my disposal. After all, I have a lot of out their ideas that mostly end up in crazy cool costumes and elaborate pictures for YouTube and Instagram. But what can I say, it’s fun!

But having that studio in my garage seemed a little basic, and I wanted to expand that by creating a backdrop that could collapse that had the wow factor I was really looking for. So, using lightweight foam panels, fake flowers, and a retractable stand, I constructed my own free standing flower wall photo backdrop that is lightweight and easy to store.

Free Standing Flower Wall for Photoshoot

Above is a gallery of pictures showing off my flower wall. Because they are easy to store and retractable, I didn’t just make one backdrop, but I made two. As you can see, one of the backdrops used at a special event hosted by Chick-Fil-A is a garden theme. This theme highlights bright colors and beautiful green. I use this backdrop for a lot of my custom dresses. This backdrop really highlighted my pink lace princess gown, as seen in the photos above.

Long with my garden-themed flower all, I also made a fall-themed wall. I like to dress this wall up for both Halloween and autumn. The orange colors make the pictures pop. It has been the centerpiece of many family photos and pictures of some of my clothing designs as well.

I also made a white flower wall that is no longer portable like the two you see above. Originally the white flower wall was also portable, but I loved it so much I made it into a permanent addition to our beauty salon. Although this post is here to highlight the free-standing flower walls I made, the one below is also fun if you want to add a little unique flare to your home decor!

Making free standing flower walls is easy, and I’d love to do a tutorial if you are interested. If you plan on making one for just one event, I will warn they are costly! There are plenty of wonderful vendors are willing to rent beautiful flower walls just like the ones I made. Renting wasn’t a cost-efficient option for me because I use these backdrops in many photoshoots. I always have new clothes, gowns, and costumes I made waiting to be photographed.