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Kylie Jenner WAP Outfit – My DIY Celebrity Outfit

Kylie Jenners WAP outfit DIY by Heather Spears

I did a Kylie Jenner WAP outfit recreation! So, Cardi B and Megan the Stallion really made a statement with their latest WAP music video. This collaboration is something special in itself but my favorite part of the whole thing was of course the fashion. Being inspired by the wonderful designer of Kylie Jenner’s look, Rey Ortiz; I did my own version of the design to celebrate.

If you have yet to see my DIY video please check it out. I have a whole slew of information on how I made this look for anyone interested in that.

Kylie Jenner WAP Leopard Outfit DIY

One of my favorite parts about this fashion is the fabric. The entire music video hosts animal print looks. If only I had white tiger print as well! Anyway, the main thing that draws my attention is the fabric. As I practice social distancing and continuing creative journeys I actually had some fabric incredibly identical to Kylies look. So I hopped on the celebrity outfit recreation immediately.

There are a few unique tweaks to my design due to supply issues. First, I did not have sheer leopard fabric for the outfits cape. The star wears an extremely striking long cape off of each of her shoulders. I made a nod to the cape by mimicking the same thing but using a sheer black fabric as a replacement.

Next, my entire look is cotton. It is lightweight and easy to stretch. If you look closely at the Kylie Jenner WAP outfit you’ll notice thicker fabric and a high functioning corset. Those are just a few of the differences between the outfits.

In conclusion, I am very happy with the way this piece is and had such a fun time making it. Additionally, if you have any great celebrity outfit DIY ideas for me to try let me know on Instagram!

Finally, thanks for stopping by!