My First Baby Photoshoot EVER | How It Turned Out

Cute First baby Photoshoot pictures in Garden Setting

First baby photoshoots are super important, not just for a cute thing to show off on social media but because it’s the perfect way to capture a special memory. If you are new around here, my name is Heather Spears, and I’m a fashion and costume designer. You’d be right to ask yourself what I am doing taking babies’ first photoshoot pictures. Obviously that’s not exactly what I do here. Anyway, to cut to the chase, I’m in love with all things creative, photography included, but that’s not what compelled me to break new ground.   

My photography background consists of social media pictures with my sister (I’m sure 2 seconds around either of us would prove we love that), a few shoots at events for friends, and loads and loads of setting up lighting, equipment and changing mannequins for taking product pictures at my job in fashion. So, you can probably get the just that photographing an infant for this huge milestone is a bit ambitious.

The baby in these pictures is my new baby nephew. This is Hudson, and he is my favorite little guy I’ve ever met. And even though the baby thing is new to me, I spend just about every waking moment… and those I should be sleeping… with this new little joy. While I do make him clothes, I couldn’t help but think of other fun ways to celebrate my new Aunt’s title and grab hold of the little moments that don’t seem to last long enough. So, Hudson sat and helped me start making mini photoshoot sets to help capture some important milestones.

These are a few pictures I made the set of and captured right here at home. I predict many more of these shoots will happen on one of my many-to-come babysitting days!

My First Baby Photoshoot

First baby Photoshoot I Ever Took and I'm Not A Photographer
Photography, Set, and Editing by Heather Spears

As I said, photography isn’t my strongest area. The way I had to make these photos happen took a little creative thinking. I know how to set up lighting. Having a studio light set here at home helps highlight Hudson as the subject. I’m sure a simple ring light would do the trick if you are DIYing your own first baby photoshoot similar, though! But I knew with unpredictable temperament, lighting wasn’t the most important thing, especially with a new delicate baby.

Hudson’s comfort and safety remained the number 1 priority, and we had plenty of helpful hands standing by to make sure he was in the best possible situation. He laid on comfy pillows and had on a comfy knit matching fabric. I learned the correct and safest method to wrap a baby from his nurse during the hospital visit. But I had no idea there were more special ways to wrap a baby for photos until talking with some of my photographer friends. Wrapping him up comfy like that always relaxes him, so he spent most of the shoot very well rested.

Building the Set

Heather Spears Making Props for taking pictures
Building set for Baby Yoda Photoshoot

Sets building is one of the things I think I’m best at. My love for costumes and fun-looking social media posts pushes me the extra mile to ensure a set is perfect before a shoot. The most fun part about doing photoshoots with Hudson is that his sets are mini compared to the giant life-sized props I’m used to making and setting up. This set was fun to put together and consisted mostly of things I already had lying around the house. I have made 10 feet by 10-foot flower walls for events and photoshoots (you can see that here). For Hudson’s set, I used a lightweight poster board with the same idea as my other project. I surrounded the baby with fake flowers to give the set that extra pop of color!

I’d be silly if I didn’t admit to playing with these photos in editing software after. I used photoshop to make minor adjustments to get the pictures exactly how we wanted them. All my schooling backgrounds come in with theater props and digital editing. So with this part of the project, it was my time to shine with these pics.

Is Doing Baby’s First Photoshoot Yourself Worth It

I had a lot of fun putting together my nephew’s first baby photoshoot. Being creative and with him are my favorite things to do. This ended up being the best of both worlds. While we do have plans for more shoots, including one of a more elaborate set I made inspired by Yoda from Star Wars (It’s his dad’s favorite), I would recommend doing photos yourself only if you are confident in your abilities creatively and have plenty of help to tend to the baby during/ can take extra time if things don’t turn out right the first time.

Babies are only this little once, so having those moments captured professionally will always be money well spent. However, trying some stylized pictures like this yourself is no crime. I’d recommend doing so in addition to any professional options you decide to investigate.