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My Nephews Newborn Super Mario Photoshoot | So Cute!

Newborn Super Mario Photoshoot of baby dressed like Mario

I decided to turn my newborn nephew into Super Mario for a photoshoot. DIY infant photography isn’t the easiest thing in the world. And as you probably guessed it… I learned that the hard way. But that isn’t to dissuade you from trying it yourself because these pictures turned out so cute. Before we jump into this please know a few things. First, I am by no means even close to being a professional photographer- newborn or otherwise. Second, this is my first time being around a newborn in my life. Third, with all of that being said I still had a blast.

The Importance of Our Newborn Super Mario Photoshoot

Hudson Girgenti doing Video Game Shoot as Newborn at 13 Days OldI decided to do the newborn Super Mario photoshoot myself for a few reasons despite not being absolutely credible in the photography department. Doing this shoot was very important to my sister and her husband because it happened around the time they first met. I introduced them at an annual video game convention 9 years ago. So having their newborn celebrate in video game style was a little sentimental.

Now, I also decided to do it myself because it is a lot cheaper than hiring a photographer. We also had a hard time finding a photographer that matched the passion, idea, and vision for this shoot with a full understanding of what they wanted. So we all decided it would be a great DIY, trial and error project.

Since I am very close to my sister and her husband (I mean very close) it was easy for me to decide when my little nephew Hudson was in the right mood to take pictures. He is very new to live so learning what he is and is not comfortable with is a learning experience. This was just something that didn’t both him in the slightest, in fact, I think because he was surrounded by the people he is usually with; he may have even been comfortable.

Doing the pictures with such a sentimental reason allowed creative direction and freedom for myself and the parents. It was truly just a fun day of figuring out baby photography. Whether or not these pictures turn out how baby pictures usually should is up for debate but I ended up falling deeply in love with the entire process.

Steps to Making the Shoot Happen

Newborn Super Mario Photoshoot feturing Hudson Girgenti Raising his fist like Mario

The newborn Super Mario photoshoot didn’t require much prep. I kept making jokes to my sister about how easy making photoshoot sets for babies is. I am used to making full elaborate sets to photograph the fashion and costumes I make. So having to do that same process as usual in pint-size form did go a lot quicker.

Since Hudson is doing a newborn Super Mario photoshoot and his size is so small, I ended up drawing and printing out the classic Mario background for the background and the floor. His entire background and floor are simple Shutterfly poster prints that I drew via Adobe Illustrator. The inspiration behind the scene is something gamers should all recognize as the start to level one on the original Super Mario Bros game.

Next, I made him a half-circle pillow and gathered fabric beneath him for support. It’s so important to keep the baby fully supported for this sort of thing. Risking a baby’s safety to get the perfect shot is not worth it.

While I do plan on making Hudson cool outfits in the future, sewing for newborns isn’t something I’ve done before. So his newborn Super Mario photoshoot outfit is an affordable option off of Amazon. It made things simple and easy to pop on without special care which is exactly what a novice like myself needed.

The Newborn Super Mario Photoshoot Conclusion

Hudson Girgenti 13 day old PhotoshootFinally, it was as simple as handling him at the shoot. As I said, Hudson likes the extra attention when he’s around those who love him. He did a fantastic job on set and reacting to me saying familiar things I tell him every day.

I would recommend a DIY newborn photoshoot project like this to anyone willing to try. It does take patience and practice. I think I found myself needing to adjust my angles and find the right way to take the baby’s picture more than waiting for him to make an extra cute face. At the end of the day, I spent a long time bonding with my nephew and making memorable sentimental photos for his parents.

Newborn Super Mario Photoshoot Face ShotMy best tip is to accept help on posing the baby and remain patient. Your newborn Super Mario photos will turn out fantastic with the right amount of trial and error even if your like me and haven’t tried anything like it yet.

Hiring a professional baby photographer is important for those newborn pictures but doing fun side projects like this also makes for some pretty special memories too. I have a few more themes and character tricks up my sleeve as I adventure through newborn photography. Stick around for another similar project that’s on its way. I will give you a very direct hint- Mickey Mouse and Star Wars are on the way

Hudson Girgenti in Mario outfit for his 13 day old shoot

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