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Animal Crossing x BlackMilk – Amazing Outfits for Gamer Girls

Animal Crossing Dress in Real Life Worn by Heather Spears

These Animal Crossing x BlackMilk clothes are some of the most amazing outfits for gamer girls. As a gamer girl with a love for fashion, my closet was always made up of altered men’s T-shirts and girly dresses. Largely it is who I am, a girl stuck in the middle of wanting to show what I love (video games) while remaining who I am in style (dresses, glitter, and glam… oh my!).

BlackMilk is a brand that helps me merge my worlds together by creating fashion choices that hit every mark I thought was pure fantasy. I spent hours learning to sew just so that I could have items like they are now selling. With that being said I couldn’t be more proud of these gamer girl outfit selections.

While you might remember me telling a similar story for my BlackMilk X Super Mario looks; Animal Crossing holds a special place in my heart. Animal Crossing is one of my favorite series of all time. First, I played the game with my sister on GameCube. Then, we literally played every game together since. So when I heard about the BlackMilk x Animal Crossing collection, I went on a shopping spree!

Gamer Girl Outfits That Impress – Animal Crossing Edition!

Animal Crossing Flick Bug Dress from BlackMilk


Animal Crossing Bug Dress

This ACNH bug dress is oh so cute! This is actually one of my sister’s picks but she let me try it on. I am in love with the metallic bugs on the dress. Its style is so unique and cute.



Heather Spears wearing Outfits for Gamer Girls Inspired by Animal Crossing


DIY Timmy and Tommy Skater Dress

This is my favorite outfit in the bunch. The Nookling DIY dress is so me. As you may know, I love DIY projects in real life. So this dress is the one that most captures my true self in style. I love its tight fit and stretchy fabric. The colors are absolutely incredible. It’s a feel-great outfit for gamer girls



Animal Crossing Outfits for Gamer Girls | Cute Character Dress


Classic Villager Tie Sleeve Dress

This dress is the biggest surprise of my entire Animal Crossing x BlackMilk haul. It is covered with classic characters, symbols, and fruit. Its colors are undeniable. It captures this cute soft essence that automatically reminds me of Animal Crossing.



Floor Length Blue Dress with ACNH Characters | Nintendo Inspired Dress


Floor Length Light Blue Velvet Detail Villager Dress

Another one of my sister’s gamer girl outfit picks (and one that I’m totally jealous of!). This is Animal Crossing outfit elegance and I love it. From far you might not be able to see all of the cute characters decorating the dress.



BlackMilk X Animal Crossing Dress | Blue Long Sleeve Character Dress


Long Sleeve Light Blue Villager Dress

This is my pick of the previous version that my sister chose. We each chose a different dress in this fabric so we can wear them together. I love them both but my sister may have beat me in style this time around!



Cute Outfits for Gamer Girls Animal Crossing Logo Dress


Velvet Leaf Logo Dress

The grand final piece to my BlackMilk X Animal Crossing haul is this velvet Leaf Logo dress. It has a unique cut and fits like a glove. For how beautiful this dress is, it’s actually very comfortable too.



BlackMilk X Animal Crossing Collection – The Verdict

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. These truly are perfect outfits for gamer girls just like me! I feel they are each cute, unique and so stylish. Styles like these for gamer girls are becoming more and more popular. While they might be getting a little easier to find there is a special quality from BlackMilk that sets the brand apart.

These are high-quality pieces that feel great to be in. That sort of thing not only confirms my love for what they are doing but it makes me feel confident. Feeling happy, special, and confident with what you are wearing is one of the best feelings. I am so glad that BlackMilk helped me achieve that through their Animal Crossing collection.