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Skechers GOWalk Arch Fit Shoes Are Perfect for my Pregnant Sister

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Skechers GOWalk Arch Fit shoes changed my sister’s life. One of the biggest complaints my pregnant sister says is how bad her feet hurt. As her baby bump gets bigger things get harder on her. Basic movements even pose to be a challenge. And one of the biggest things I notice bothering her is her feet… Or that is until she tried Skechers GOWalk Arch Fit shoes.

Daily tasks like walking get harder as the days pass however walking remains one of the most important physical movements for pregnant women. But how are they supposed to get the motivation to move if the task presents pain and discomfort? Whether the brand intended to or not, Skechers provides a solution of comfort for not just their everyday fan but for pregnant women on a different level.

I am not kidding when I say these shoes put an extra pep in my sister’s step. She can get around much easier with certified arch support but the benefits of these shoes don’t stop there.

Skechers GoWalk Arch Fit Shoes – Comfort at its finest

Pregnant women wearing one of the best shoes for pregnant women - skechersThe first thing we need to address is comfort. This particular pair of shoes can replace the definition of comfort. They present an element of relaxing ease with every step but that isn’t a statement that isn’t backed by proof. Anyone could tell you that a shoe is the best they have ever tried but Skechers Arch Fit shoes truly reflect the renowned name of a comfort solution.

The shoe has a podiatrist-designed shape with support in the arch you immediately notice. Built of long-lasting comfort these Skechers actually have an insole with a development that spans over 20 years’ time. That is a lot of time to put into the design of perfect comfort but it pays off in wear. With a whopping 120,000 unweighted foot scans, you can say that the effort that has gone into the shoe development kept foot comfort at the heart as their primary objective.

From what sounds like a lot of numbers comes realism. That along with the unique idea of grand benefits to expectant mothers. On a daily basis, I would hear my sister talk about pain, not just in her feet but also in her body after our daily walks. She immediately reacted to the claims and numbers but she smiled once the shoe was on her foot and glided around the room saying, “I feel like I can really move for the first time in a while.” That wasn’t going to be enough so we put the shoe to the test and went out for a walk.

Take a Walk in Security and Style

As we experienced these new shoes it was immediately noticeable that she didn’t mention her feet. Well, she did mention how cute they looked with the enjoyable “Fun Times” design but other than that I didn’t hear a pep about pain nor a request to stop for a moment. While something like that can always be circumstantial it was the fact that I didn’t see her using her hand to support her back that really got me thinking.

It’s typical as she makes her way into the early weeks of her third trimester for her to have back, knee, and foot pain. Feet may have been what was on her mind at the time so I consider her lack of complaint there circumstantial. However, she also didn’t complain about sore knees or back during the walk nor at any later point that day. This was something that was more of a “smile moment” for me because it made me believe the bragging points she already expressed.

Other Direct Pregnancy Benefits of Skechers GOWalk Arch Fit Shoes

Sarah Spears Girgenti Wearing Skechers GOWalk Arch Fit Shoes Relaxing on WallComfort and movement are some of the biggest points to note when purchasing a pair of shoes. But these shoes come with benefits far beyond the usual scope. The particular pair she got, Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit – Fun Times are slip-on. This usually wouldn’t matter but their ease of putting on makes the amount of time she has to bend far less uncomfortable. With her cute belly bulge, she can’t lean over like she used to. Simple tasks like picking things up off the floor, putting on shoes, and other floor activities are more difficult than ever. These shoes provide a quick escape to the newfound issue by slipping on. With that being said they remain tight and secure around her foot for even more comfort and stability.

Not only is she able to easily get her shoes on herself but they are incredibly easy to maintain. Having a white pair of shoes is a closet essential. However, they hardly stay white for long after a wear or two. With Skechers Arch Fit Shoes, they are machine washable. Simply remove the insoles and wash your shoes in the washing machine to keep them looking new.

Tring them On for Myself

I am pretty lucky to say that I wear the same size shoe as my sister. So after hearing her boast about these shoes I needed to try them on for myself. It was pleasing to know that her boasts weren’t just bragging. These are simply the best shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. They are stylish and easy.

I am a sucker for loving to feel great in casual attire. These shoes fit in perfectly with my busy lifestyle. On most occasions, I am working on making clothes and while my flashy fashion is what you usually see on my social media accounts my every day is in jeans and a t-Shirt. I spend my days on my feet working. Skechers GOWalk Arch Fit shoes seem to be the solution to a problem I didn’t even know I had. These might be my sister’s shoes but I didn’t know comfort until I gave these a try!

skechers Arch Fit Shoes on Shoe Box*Products featured in this article were given by the brand for honest feedback. Please keep that in mind while reading this post.