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Summer Fashion Essentials | What’s in My Summer 2021 Closet?

Summer Fashion Essentials Photo Collage

This year’s summer fashion essentials are more fun than ever. Fashion and style are my very favorite things so I put together a list of summer must-haves that you have to see. In this guide, I go over everything from bags, jewelry, makeup, and more. Anything that has to do with upping your style game this summer is right here on this list. Check out some of my favorite items below to see some of the hottest items to wear this summer.

Top Summer Fashion Essentials

Margo Paige Bags

Summer Fashion Essentials Margo Paige Bags

A lot of times events and venues have safety guidelines on the type and style of bag we can use. With the strict modern guidelines of clear bags, it feels like finding fashion-forward options is like finding a needle in a haystack. Well, Margo Paige is the very solution we’ve all been searching for. With different size and style options, there is a bag that not only meets recent regulations but also compliments your cute looks. The Margo Paige recycled PVC handbags are unmatched, eco-friendly, and oh so cute.

Their style options range from clutches and cross-body bags to backpacks with even more storage. My favorite part about the Margo Paige bags is that their finishing details add that extra pop of style. They are easy to wear, fun to style, and a quality product with the best durability for the price! Did I forget to mention how easy they are to clean? This is truly a summer fashion essential that you won’t regret.

The Material Design Co – Brass Necklace

Brass Daisy NecklaceWhen it comes to summer fashion essentials, accessorizing is always a huge deal. This simple brass daisy necklace is the perfect lightweight option to keep your summer looks, fresh and fun with minimal effort. It has a wonderful but simple design to complement anything from shorts to sundresses. It’s always nice to keep a weightless look in the warmer weather. Jewelry like this is the perfect way to keep yourself styled without weighing down your look.

Don’t be afraid to let simple jewelry be part of your going-out looks this summer. Keep it light and simple. Trust me adding a piece like this brass necklace to your look will up your style game and you might not even notice!

Tom & Sherie’s Iron in a Bottle

Summer Fashion Essentials Iron in a Bottle

There is nothing cool about wrinkled clothes. If you are anything like me, you might be a sucker for throwing extra layers and beach cover-ups in a bag. It seems like a good idea at the time but almost always when it comes time to dress back up, my clothes are a wrinkled mess. There is a solution that someone who is into fashion like I am is going to fall in love with. Why? Because this solution doesn’t just work on those excited beach trips but also for daily activities and year-round at that.

Meet the Iron in a Bottle. It’s a simple spray that helps you eliminate those pesky wrinkles without ever having to pull out your iron. Seriously, I have a love-hate relationship with my iron. I sure do love it while I’m sewing but it’s never my favorite when I need to iron my clothes. Iron in a Bottle is my new best friend.

Twisted Tea Apparel – Bathing Suit

Twisted Tea Bathing SuitGet ready to show some more love to Twisted Tea. Okay, I am crazy for tea and I always have been. Twisted Tea is a fun mature way to enjoy a beverage during the summer. You may recognize the brand from my Summer Fun Gift Guide because they are also responsible for the awesome sweet-tangy sensation of Twisted Tea-Infused Mighty Quinn’s BBQ Sauce.

They also have some super cute clothing options like the Twisted Tea swimsuit! Their options are high-quality pieces with fun prints that just scream summer fun. I love my one-piece covered in lemons and plan to wear this to a pool party ASAP. Stay tuned to my Instagram account to see this bathing suit in action.

Sketchers Foamies Sandles

Skechers Foamies Sandals White on White Sandals

Having cute and easy-to-clean sandals is definitely a summer fashion essential. Skechers does it again with their super cute, stylish, and easy Foamies sandals. If you’ve been here before you know I love Skechers. Their line of Foamies sandals is so cute and easy you will never want to wear anything else, or at least another plain white sandal like the ones I found.

These simple plain white sandals are so cute and one of the most unique pieces in my closet. I love that I was able to find a plain white sandal with no black detail and no cork bottoms. Foamies is one of the only options I found like this but that’s not their only big plus points. They are made entirely of the same fabric. It makes them just as comfortable as other sandals but they remain easy to wipe clean. Foamies are also machine washable for a more intense clean. There really is hardly a downside to these cute sandals.

Malibu Barbie ColourPop Cosmetics Set

ColourPop Cosmetics Malibu Barbie Makeup SetColourPop Cosmetics has some of the best collaborations in makeup. One of my favorite collabs for the summertime is Malibu Barbie. She is probably one of the most iconic figures of summertime and now Malibu Barbie has a makeup set including a perfect pallet, 3 colors of lipsticks and liners, a fun highlighter set, and a mirror. The set’s packaging is super cute but the colors are where my heart is.

The color pallet from the ColourPop Malibu Barbie set includes a variety of fun colors perfect for summertime. From golds to pinks and blues all of these colors will make your summer looks pop. I love that the lip sets come with lipstick and matching lip liner. It makes pairing colors a breeze. I’m a huge fan of this set and collaboration!

Impress Nails


Summer Fashion Essentials Impress NailsImpress Nails has been one of my go-to summer fashion essentials for years. They make one of the best, highest-quality stick-on nails I’ve ever seen. They have some amazing style options and the best part is they are fast and easy to apply yourself from home. Impress Nails is my excuse to save money from nail salons. They offer the best options on the market that are both comfortable and stylish.

Impress Nails also offers petit versions which are particularly useful for busy hands like mine. Since I am always sewing or crafting, keeping my nails short is very important. They have beautiful long and modern options but I always opt for the petit nails because they fit my lifestyle so well.

Keeping these summer fashion essentials in mind will totally up your style game this summer. If you use anything from this list, take a pic and tag me on social media. I would love to shower all my style brothers and sisters with love on their pics.

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