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Trendy Maternity Clothes | Bump Biddy Try-on Haul at 6-Months Pregnant

Bump Biddy Try-on Maternity Clothes Three great Pregnancy dresses

Trendy maternity clothes might seem a little tough to come by sometimes. This is such a special time in a person’s life. It feels like forever when you are expecting but as long as it may feel it’s actually not as long as you’d imagine. That creates this weird crossroads with the question, what to wear? What you’d usually wear doesn’t fit and what you need to wear might be a bit short-lived. And above everything; it’s helpful to wear something comfortable as you battle with the negative side effects of pregnancy.

Being around my sister while she’s pregnant has made me think about clothes, pregnancy, and everything in-between in a different way than ever before. One of the main things she mentions is missing feeling like herself because of her changing body. And if you know Sarah, you know that her fashion choices are always on-trend, eccentric, beautiful, and stand-out. So when it comes to her choosing what to wear being basic, easy or relaxed isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind.

This makes how she views herself now a bit more complicated than you’d ever think. She wants to feel like she usually would but the pregnancy makes her tired. Sarah wants to wear what she always has but her body is changing in magnificent ways. So what is one to do?

Finding Trendy Maternity Clothes on Bump Biddy

We are so happy to have stumbled upon a place where not only did my sister find clothes that she loves but clothes that are comfortable enough to keep this tired, sore, fashionista feeling perfect about herself. After checking their stock, it’s difficult to not want to really burn a hole in your wallet.

These trendy maternity clothes came from Bump Biddy. A brand I had never thought of until my sister was expecting. Now, I am crazy for the variety of styles they are making available because I see how great they made my sister feel.

Woman wearing Floor Length Pink Dress from Bump biddy try-on haul maternity clothesFloor Length Pink Cut-Out Dress | Price: $23.00

This dress is such a beautiful color with a great cut. It is a little difficult to see the baby bump, especially in front view. However, this dress has that wow factor. It not only makes my sister feel beautiful but it’s made of soft comfortable cotton fabric. It’s perfect for feeling comfortable while looking great.

Pregnant woman wearing a classic green maternity dressGreen Casual Daily Dress | Price: $25.00

The casual cute of this dress is a jaw-dropper. There is plenty of room for the baby bump to grow with great stretch. It’s a becoming design and a perfect fit.

Woman Wearing White-Off Shoulder Bump Biddy Try-on Maternity DressWhite Lace Off-Shoulder | Price: $38.00

Perfect for a special occasion or a great photo-op; this dress is an eye-catcher. A dress with such beauty seems as if this would be great for a maternity photoshoot. Most photoshoot dresses come with hefty price tags but this one remains as cute as it is affordable.

Blue Snake Print Pregnancy dress from Bump Biddy

Blue Snake Print | Price: $32.00

A favorite among my sister and myself; this snake print dress is so her. The unique print for maternity wear makes for a fun look. It’s easy to style and reminds me so much of Sarah’s usual style! It’s a winner and our favorite.

The Not so Flattering Choice… In-Person…

woman wearing yellow dress from Bump Biddy try-on haul maternity clothes videoThere was one piece that didn’t stand out from our Bump Biddy try-on haul. That piece was this yellow short sleeve dress. It feels so weird to type out because the pictures in this outfit were just as flawless as the rest of the quality Bump Biddy clothes. But this piece doesn’t measure up to the other things we purchased.

This dress was in the sale area and for good reason. With the low price tag of $20 and 40% off at purchase, it’s clear as to why this one has that huge discount. It was see-through, with no stretch, and exceptionally shorter than the rest. While it looks great from afar wearing this one didn’t measure up to the brand image. In fact, this one was shockingly different from everything else.

Honesty is the best policy and although shopping with Bump Biddy was rewarding, fun, and much needed, this piece didn’t hit those same marks. With that being said I would still definitely recommend the brand. From the variety of style options to the special audience to cater to; this place is stellar. Maternity clothes have such a high focus on comfort for all of the right reasons but Bump Biddy is showing that comfy doesn’t need to equal frumpy. Feeling great about what you are wearing is self-care we might not always recognize!