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T-shirt to Varsity Jacket DIY – How to Make a Varsity Jacket out on an Old T-Shirt

DIY Jacket from T-Shirt Tutorial Before and After

T-shirt to Varsity Jacket DIY Continued

Step 2: Cut Your T-Shirt

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 2 Where to cut Back Jacket


Now, it’s time to cut your T-Shirt.

First, cut the sleeves off of each side of your shirt. Then cut a bottom strip of the length of your jacket by measuring out how long you want your finished jacket to be. But don’t throw out either of those pieces as we will need the sleeve for a pattern later as well as the strip of fabric to add to the front when we go to apply our buttons.

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 2 Where to cut Front JacketFrom here, cut out the side seams and the shoulder seams creating a front piece and a back piece separate from each other.

Next, using the back of your jacket, cut out the neckline as close to the collar seam as possible. Then bring the front of your jacket forward. Fold the front of your jacket in half and cut out a deeper neckline than you did in the back. Finally, cut the shirt piece directly in half on the fold creating two separate front pieces.

At this point, we should have 1 back jacket panel with a full logo and two front panels out of the plain T-Shirt fabric.


Step 3: Cut the Liner

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 3 Cutting LinerVIDEO TIME STAMP – 5:31

And then, lay out the shapes that you just cut out from the shirt pieces on your liner fabric. In this step use the T-shirt pieces as patterns to cut out the right shapes for liner.

You should be left with two front panels of both liner and T-shirt fabric and one back panel of Tshirt and liner fabric.


T-shirt to Varsity Jacket Step 4 – Cutting the Sleeves

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 4 Cutting the SleeveVIDEO TIME STAMP – 5:49

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 4 Cutting the Sleeve out of FabricUsing the T-shirt sleeve as a pattern cut out a new, long sleeve for the jacket. To get the proper length of sleeve measure the length of where you want your sleeve to end (subtracting a few inched for ribbing fabric later on).

Layout the T-shirts original sleeve flat on the new sleeve fabric by cutting out the existing seam. Then use the arm length measurement to mark the new end to the sleeve. And use your own wrist measurement to taper the cut at a slant and cut out the new jacket sleeves.

At this point, you may discard the original sleeves of the t-Shirt.