What We Do

Here at Heather Spears, we make custom fashion. But we bet you’re probably wondering exactly what we mean by that. By custom fashion we mean we design and create one of a kind exclusive pieces for our clients. Our service is perfect for weddings, parties, influencers, red carpets, special events and more. After all, everyone deserves a special unique outfit made specifically for them.

This process starts with our clients describing the outfit that they desire. From there, fashion designer Heather Spears will make an exclusive sketch of the design and gain approval from her client. Once that outfit of your dreams is discussed and decided upon it will begin to be made. Your custom fashion will be hand made for you as you are updated with progress photos and more. Its couture made just for you!

Next, you will either be shipped your outfit if you are not local to the Los Angeles area or if you are local you will receive a complimentary fitting of your piece. This is to insure that your custom fashion fits you perfectly. If any alterations need to me made then at this point during the process the designer will do what needs to be done to make the outfit fit you like a glove!

Finally, once the fit is 100 percent, you will get to leave with your outfit as well as a signed print of the original sketch to authenticate the entire process!

Remember, because Heather Spears takes extra care and time with each of her clients she can only accept a limited number of custom fashion orders.  While she wishes she could accept every query that she receives her time is valuable and unfortunately limited. If you are looking to book her for your dream outfit please do so in advance to your special occasion to assure she will have time to take your order.

For more information on our process please visit our Steps page for a clear graph on the way this works.

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