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Fashion Designer Heather Spears Collage of Work

A Lady Gaga Oreo Outfit!? Full Photo Gallery of My Custom Costume

Some of you may have seen on social media that I made a Lady Gaga Oreo outfit. I know, it’s a little out in left field but life just isn’t fun without wild ideas. This is one of those odd inspirations that I needed to act on. Inspiration comes in so many different forms and…Read More

Halloween DIY Drip Necklace Template and Tutorial

This Halloween DIY drip necklace is the perfect simple project for all skill levels. I am such a fan of October so I am working on making fun and easy projects leading up to Halloween. This Halloween DIY is one of the easiest yet and uses simple supplies you might already have laying around your…Read More

BCBG Haul – I Bought All of This for $60

Are you curious how I got a BCBG haul of over $1668 for just $60? This warehouse liquidation event is the perfect place to start! As with every sample sale the true glory hides within the research done after. My BCBG haul was no different as a lot came from looking up the clothing I…Read More

My Ariana Grande Outfit Recreation Gallery – Recreation of VMA ‘Rain on Me’ Outfit

I made an Ariana Grande outfit inspired by her performance during ‘Rain on Me’ at the VMAs. This was a jaw-dropping performance with Lady Gaga. The outfit the singer wears is incredible. It’s so her style with added glam for a stunning stage presence. Because the performance was so inspiring, I made my own version…Read More

These Animal Crossing Clothes IRL are The Cutest Outfits Ever | My Video Ty-on!

These are Animal Crossing clothes in real life looks that make up the cutest outfits I have in my closet. I did a try-on haul of some cute clothes from the BlackMilk X Animal Crossing collection. These are now some of my very favorite things. They merge my love for fashion and video games into…Read More

Summer Fashion Essentials | What’s in My Summer 2021 Closet?

This year’s summer fashion essentials are more fun than ever. Fashion and style are my very favorite things so I put together a list of summer must-haves that you have to see. In this guide, I go over everything from bags, jewelry, makeup, and more. Anything that has to do with upping your style game…Read More

Heather holding Animal Crossing Giveaway Flick Shirt
Newborn Super Mario Photoshoot of baby dressed like Mario
Heather holding Animal Crossing Giveaway Flick Shirt

Luli Bebe Diaper Bag Review – Ultimate Style, Ultimate Function

The Luli Bebe diaper bag is on an entirely different level. It’s on a level of comfort, style, and purpose. A mom shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. It’s that very statement that made me fall in love with the Luli Bebe Monaco Diaper Bag. But its not just the look that makes this…Read More

Summer Fashion Essentials Photo Collage
Featured Img Get your Home Summer-Ready - Woman Selecting Paint ColorHow to get your Home Summer-Ready