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Amazing Amazon Clothes Haul From Luvamia and LookbookStore

Heather Spears Holding from Amazon clothes haul Luvamia and LookbookStore

I did an Amazon clothes haul and I’m so excited about it! Luvamia and LookbookStore make Amazon clothes shopping a stress-free experience. Not only do they provide fantastic quality clothing but the ease of shopping on Amazon makes for a purchase you can be confident with.

If you are anything like me then shopping for clothes online can be a bit daunting. One of the main drawbacks I face is worrying about the quality. You don’t want to invest in a cute picture, you want to invest in a quality product. With that being said online clothes shopping can go either way. I am proud to have partnered with Luvamia and LoobookStore to show you guys some high-quality products that make online shopping a breeze!

Listing my Amazon Clothes Haul Pieces

Denim Jacket

Happy Girl Wearing Denim Amazon JacketOne of the best closet essentials is a denim jacket. I am so excited with this piece out of all the items from this Amazon clothes Haul because of one simple thing. The jacket has stretch which makes it just as comfortable as it is cute!

Wearing a denim jacket where you can actually move your arms feels fantastic. Not only can I use this piece to add an edge to some of my favorite outfits but I can wear it and feel just as comfortable as I am styled.


Black Casual Romper 

Heather Spears Wearing Comfrotable Black Romper by Luvamia Fashion on AmazonBeat the heat with this classic and stylish piece. This is a relaxed look that stands out among the rest for being very comfortable. The fabric of this romper is soft and a great quality. It isn’t thin but allows for a breathable and cool finish perfect for hot days.

I particularly love this piece because I think you can style it up or not at all and still get away with wearing it for so many different occasions. This is my favorite piece of the entire clothes haul!


Luvamia and Lookbook Store Fashion Looks

Denim Dress

Girl Wearing Light Blue Denim Dress from Clothing Try-on Haul VideoI have a love/hate relationship with denim dresses. As cute as they look in ads I am never sold once I have them on. I choose dresses above any other type of apparel whenever possible because I love how comfortable and cute they are. When it comes to denim you get a much different feeling than a traditional flowy dress.

As restricting as a denim dress may seem this one defies almost every prejudice I’ve had about denim dresses. This dress not only looks cute but the fabric mirrors the stretch and efficiency of the Luvamia Denim jacket. It is softer and more comfortable than any denim I’ve ever owned. It also allows for movement. This is a brand new and welcome style for my closet.

Blue Romper with Tie Belt

Bright Blue Romper with Tie Belt on Heather SpearsThis shade of blue has my heart locked in a time casual. I have been known to gravitate towards it because it is the shade of blue I used to design the logo for my first business endeavor. Although that ship has long since sailed, I still use this color as a symbol of pride and accomplishment. Because even in a failed attempt at making something work, it still shows enough courage to try.

Anyway, the romper itself is very similar to the black one above and does come in multiple colors. This piece is complete with buttons and a tie around belt. I feel that this piece as an elevation of sophistication. While it is far from a ‘professional’ outfit the quality of fabric and way of wear makes it feel so classy.

Amazon Clothes Haul with Quality Products

Lace Sleeve V-Neck Top

Happy Girl in Simple Black V-Neck Shirt with Lace SleevesThe simplicity of a top you can pair with your fav jeans makes for a combination that can’t be rivaled. That is exactly where this shirt falls into my wardrobe. It’s the things that are the easiest to wear that get the most wear. I can already feel myself picking this top over, and over again because of its simple style and lace detail.

I love wearing basics. In fact, I wear basics more often than anything else because I am always working on my next big project. When you’re creative like me, you get to be a busy body. You don’t have time to worry about what you look like every day because there are more important things on your mind. Clothes like this top make the burden of putting yourself together on those bus-body days so much easier. This is a top I can just exist in daily life in; I can work on a project, I can go out to the store. It is a day-to-day life saver and that’s what makes it perfect.

Sherpa Vest

Girl in Fluffy Sherpa Vest and Snake Print TopComfort is one of the cornerstones of ready-to-wear fashion. With more time at home feeling cozy is shaping modern fashion trends more than we can recognize right now. Sherpa is a standout keystone in comfort apparel and this Sherpa vest fits the bill. It is soft to the touch on the outside with a surprising lining.

The lining isn’t soft but rather more like waterproof fabric. I think this will give the vest more warmth while out in the elements however, I did expect the inside to be just as soft.

Amazon Clothes Haul – The Little Black Dress

Black Sleeved Dress

Girl in Little Black Dress with her Arm up to Show off sleevesEvery woman needs a little black dress. This takes the fashion icon and adds flair with fun sleeves and a peek-a-boo matching mesh cut-out at the hem. It is fun to wear but I am at a loss for how to style this piece. I think it speaks for itself but I find myself thinking about adding pops of color or accessories to complete the look. It has this cool laidback feel for its upper-scale essence.

My favorite part about the piece is its incredible sleeves. I find myself raising my arms to watch them drape. The dress is available in a variety of fun colors with limitless options of styling. It’s just a matter of how I will put it together to go out in!

Trying-on Clothes from My Amazon Haul – In Video!

But before you go I have a video showing each of the clothes in this article. If you want to see some of the looks in motion or hear extra commentary don’t forget to check it out

*This post is a partner post which means the items you see were sent to me for the purpose of coverage.