Animal Crossing Flick Cosplay Gallery

Animal Crossing Flick Cosplay by Heather Spears

I put together an Animal Crossing Flick cosplay just before the recent bug-off. If you are here I am guessing you are also a really big fan of ACNH. Animal Crossing seems to bring positive energy right at the perfect moment. From the sweet conversations with the villagers to the obsession with collecting items; I adore this game.

To farther celebrate my love for Animal Crossing New Horizons I put together an outfit representing one of my favorite NPCs. There is no doubt that Flick is a fan-favorite character. He has an awesome appearance and an all-around unique attitude. This special character pays high prices for bugs. Not only does Flick pay premium but he is also responsible for making the special models of bugs and fish in the game.

Needless to say, this character is pretty neat. To honor Animal Crossing Flick I put together a cosplay look for the character. My cosplay look features a vest from Forever 21, Amazon leggings, combat boots, and some items with more personal value. I made the top and logo for the top of this outfit. I also did a specific style for my hair to better represent Flick’s overall look.

With so much inspiration I did a whole photoshoot to showcase the look. It feels so cool to have a completely different style sometimes. With this look, it was so different from my usual style it felt like an out-of-body experience. It was so cool none the less and if you are looking to enhance your style in a unique way try using this character as inspiration. You might end up having just as much fun as I have!

Animal Crossing Flick Cosplay Gallery

Take a look at my photo set below to see all of my Animal Crossing Flick photos from the shoot. Since I am still practicing social distancing from recent events all of these pictures feature my backyard as a backdrop. This look is not a portfolio look due to not making certain aspects of the outfit.


Heather Spears Fashion from ACNHCosplay from Animal Crossing NPCAnimal Crossing Cosplay Close-up Flick Costume

Animal Crossing Flick Cosplay by Heather Spears

ACNH Flick Character CostumeAnimal Crossing Flick Cosplay by Heather Spears Full BodyNew Horizons Flick in Real Life

Animal Crossing Flick Cosplay by Heather SpearsACNH Character in Real Life

ACNH Flick Style OutfitHeather Spears Style Like Flick from Animal Crossing

Style Yourself like Flick in Animal Crossing Cosplay

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