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Bump Biddy Try-on Haul Pictures of Cute Maternity Clothes

Bump Biddy Try-on Haul | Cute Maternity Clothes Video

My sister and I did a Bump Biddy try-on haul to show what some of their cute maternity clothes looked like at months pregnant. Bump Biddy is a go-to shop for maternity looks. Honestly, I didn’t know it existed until my sister started growing out of some of her favorite clothes.

She went out searching for a place that felt like her usual trendy style. After considering a few options this brand stood out. It had a variety of great options specializing in pregnant women just like her. There was something about their selection that seemed to go above and beyond for all types of people. So, my sister chose 5 things she felt best to represent her personal style and we put them to the try-on test.

At 6-months pregnant, she tried on these things. At this time in her pregnancy, she is still growing. What she wanted most were styles that fit her personality, comfort, room to grow, and of course trendy.

Bump Biddy Try-on Haul at 6-Months Pregnant

With a few big wins and one loss, Bump Biddy is a place I’d definitely recommend. It’s easy to see why Bump Biddy stands tall among the competition. It remains affordable while providing quality, cute designs. There were even more looks my sister is thinking about ordering. Below you can find a link to each item from this video. But I recommend browsing the site for yourself to see what other fun maternity clothes you can find.

Check out the list below for a link as well as the price for the items in this video:


Floor Length Pink Dress | Price: $23.00

Green Casual Dress | Price: $25.00

Yellow Dress | Price: $20.00

White Lace Off-Shoulder | Price: $38.00

Blue Snake Print | Price: $32.00


Shopping is fun but shopping for cute maternity clothes might be even more fun. As everyone you love thinks about spoiling your upcoming baby, consider a moment of spoiling yourself with something that is ‘so you’ from Bump Biddy.

Bump Biddy Try-on Maternity Clothes Three great Pregnancy dresses
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