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One of my favorite ways to relax is following a how to guide. I figure if I love to create and I love to follow how to guides then maybe I should make some unique guides for others to follow. And that’s what this area is all about.

Here I show you how to complete specific projects step-by-step. It’s the perfect place to follow along and create your own neat projects.

How to Follow My How To’s

You’ll notice a lot of those posts are in two different forms. Firstly, this is a blog, so it wouldn’t be fair to not write down the steps and show pictures/ diagrams. Having guides on projects this way makes following along at your own pace much easier.

I also have videos to go along with most of these styles of posts. The video tutorials here are great for showing things that are more difficult to explain. Having these two ways to show off projects makes it all the better for the person following the project. I hope you find some value in what I have posted here.

Projects like this are calm, relaxing, and fun. While I usually find myself wrapped up in huge projects it’s always nice to take a step back and analyze what I am doing in this format. One of my favorite sayings is, ‘you never know if you are good at anything until you bother to try to teach what you do to someone else.’ In a big way, I feel like I will always be learning right alongside you because of that statement. Teaching doesn’t come naturally to me so I expect to get much better at explaining as I get more of this type of content finished.