Costume Portfolio

This video is a placeholder for Costume Creation, showcasing some of my designs. Please revisit the website in the near future for an updated video showing my costume designs in movement. Thank you! See more videos just like this on my Youtube Channel

Heather Spears is a costume designer with a wide range of experience, from original designs to celebrity looks and cosplay outfits. Her passion for costume design shines through in her portfolio, which includes a wide variety of styles and genres.

Whether you’re looking for a unique costume for a special event or simply want to browse some amazing costume designs, this portfolio indeed shows Heather’s biggest passion. She see’s dressing up as a great aspect of fun and truly enjoys sharing this part of her life with others. Above all, costume design is a way for her to express herself and her creativity.

So take a look through Heather’s portfolio. She hopes to inspire others with her amazing costume designs.

Cosplay Costumes

This section shows Heather’s Cosplay looks. These cosplay looks are all inspired by existing characters from TV shows, movies, video games, anime, and more. Some o the costumes here are exact recreations; others are creative takes on existing characters.

Inspired by Celebrities

These costumes are handmade recreations and original works made by heather Spears using celebrity style as inspiration.

More Costumes

This section shows more of Heather’s original costumes.