Minnie Rock the Dots Day in Designer Hand-Made Outfits

Minnie Rock the Dots day is a fun, Disney-luscious ‘holiday’ that celebrates all things polka dots. The day honors Minnie Mouse and her iconic style and is exactly as it seems. Otherwise known as National Polka Dot Day, the whole point of the day is to wear polka dots! But wearing polka dots isn’t just fun on National Polka Dot Day, it honors the fashion icon that Minnie is in a way only a true Disney fan could understand.


Heather Spears and her sister Sarah Spears both modeled these outfits. She used a mix of her own original idea, each of their personal style as well as Minnie Mouse as the inspiration behind the looks. The photos below show off the 2 unique looks.

Fashion designer, Heather Spears, took the celebration to the next level by designing 2 custom outfits for the occasion.  The designer’s hand-made outfits take hours to make but end up being well worth it on the day of completion. But where to wear such beautiful bold creations? Simply wearing these two outfits on the magical day would not be enough; the designer had plans to dress up and show them off at the best place she could think of; Toontown USA at the happiest place on Earth! That’s right, the outfits went to the best place possible, straight in the theme park of Disneyland.

Minnie Rock The Dots Day

Designer Style Walks Through ToonTown Disneyland

Toontown proves the most worthy location to show off this custom fashion; after all, it is where both Mickey and Minnie Mouse live. So the girls walked through the gates and became a part of the cartoon-like atmosphere. Everything in ToonTown looks like you are part of a cartoon; from the buildings to the streets the whacky shapes are fun in the best ways.

The first outfit made to celebrate Minnie Rock the Dots Day is a one-piece jumpsuit. The outfit is, of course, made entirely of black and white polka dot fabric. The outfit is even complete with another point of Minnie Mouse’s iconic style, a bow. The bow is located on the top of the jumpsuit front and center for the world to see and of course so Disney fans can… connect the dots! Model, Sarah Spears did a fantastic job posing in classic locations and truly bringing this Rock the Dots look to life.

Designer Polka Dot Jumpsuit Inspired by Toontown


The Second look is a 3 piece set including matching polka dot pants and jacket with a bright red shirt to match. The red is a nod to Minnie Mouse’s classic color as the icon is usually depicted in red and white polka dot print. The bold matching jacket and pants set is perfect for a day meant to be fashionably bold like Minnie Rock the Dots day!

Look Beyond Minnie Rock the Dots Day
in Your Own Custom Look

Heather Spears works as a custom fashion designer where she takes clients dreams and turns them into fashion reality. If you are interested in your own unique design please check out the rest of this website where you will find the designers portfolio, shop and more. For more information on how to get your own custom look please contact us.



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