I made a DIY Prom Dress for Someone Facing Event Cancelations

Heather Spears wearing gown from her DIY Prom Dress Challenge

DIY Prom dress hand made by Fashion DesignerDuring our current stay at home orders as a result of Covid-19, I am keeping busy by creating a DIY Prom dress our of supplies in my home. Being a fashion designer at a time like this is important. I have gone through making hundreds of cloth masks for essential workers as well as family and friends. Everyone is working so hard to slow the spread of the virus and we have reached a time where I no longer need to provide my personal supplies for the creation of cloth masks. Because of the orders and the lesser need for the sort of mask I provide I decided to aid the impact of Covid-19 in a new way.

Another devastating effect of Covid-19 is event cancelations. People around the world are facing disappointment after learning special events such as proms, graduations, and weddings are all being postponed or canceled.  So, I decided to design a gown for someone currently facing event cancelation or those with the ability to aspire past the devastating effects of the pandemic into new and lighter times in the future.

DIY Prom Dress – A Challenge I Couldn’t Deny

The DIY Prom dress challenge is a social media challenge. The official challenge was introduced to me by Christian Serino through Instagram posts and stories. Anyway, the idea is to use a designer’s red carpet looks an inspiration to a prom dress.

So I used some of the recent paintings I saw from Christian Serino as the baseline inspiration behind my piece. He paints beautiful facemasks in recent artwork. It shows our current situation as well as a beautiful fashion, new to so many. This provides the perfect setting for one of my own unique designs for the challenge.

Below you can find a few pictures of the dress from this challenge. This dress is part of a social media giveaway that I am hosting. All you have to do to enter is to leave a comment on one of my social media profiles. Make sure to choose a photo featuring his dress and tell why you’d like to win this dress. You can enter once on each platform including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

Good luck everyone and I hope to host another gown giveaway very soon!