Fashion Portfolio

This video is a placeholder for a Fashion Creation video showcasing some of my designs. Please revisit the website in the near future for an updated video showing my fashion designs in movement. Thank you! See more videos just like this on my Youtube Channel

As a fashion designer, it is essential for Heather Spears to have a portfolio in order to showcase her work and abilities. You’ll find a range of fashion garments she designed and handmade on this page. Each piece is unique and displays her talent for fashion design.

Fashion is about far more than a sketch. Heather Spears has a passion for making garments from the ground up. This helps her pay special attention to detail and gives her a close bond with her pieces.

In this portfolio, you will find fashion looked by Heather spears. There are two important areas of this portfolio, including runway-ready pieces as well as ready-to-wear looks. The variety of ready-to-wear pieces showcases the work she’s done for fashion vendors and retail stores.

Heather Spears also has portfolios for her costumes and gowns/ dresses.

Fashion Portfolio

Ready-to-Wear Portfolio

The section below shows Heather Spears’s ready-to-wear fashion portfolio. Ready-to-wear clothing is clothing items people commonly purchase at retail stores. She has worked in the fashion industry for several stores and brands.

These images are ready-to-wear samples created directly for retail sales. Each of the pictures below is from the same clothing line.