What We Do

The Steps

Step 1

Meet and Greet

Sit down with our designer and discuss your event, trends you enjoy, Pinterest boards, celebrity style influence, and other style options.

Done in person, through video call, phone call or text/email (clients preference)

Step 2

Design Drawing

The designer draws and styles a few different drawing choices for the client to choose then comes up with a final drawing agreed between the parties. At the completion of the project, the client will receive a signed copy of this image.

Step 3

Making of the Outfit

The designer begins making the outfit or gown while sending regular updates to the client. The client stays directly informed through the entire process.

Step 4

The Fitting 

For local clients to the Los Angele area, you will receive a complimentary fitting of your piece prior to your event day to make sure everything is perfect.

Those out of the area will be shipped their item and note adjustments needed to the garment to ship it back to the designer. Our out of area clients do require a longer-term per project as it does take extra time to ship.

Step 5

Receive Your Finished Piece

Finally, the piece is complete and you receive both the completed garment and signed drawing to authenticate the process. Wear and enjoy at your next big event.

Optional Steps

Step 6


Photo Session

Get all glammed up for an exclusive photo session with our designer. For an extra fee, get the best photos of the garment working with those you’ve got to know through the entire process for maximum comfort and understanding. You will receive all of your photos as well as 10 edits of your choice!

Step 7


Video Session

Add a little spark to your experience with a beautiful, fully edited video of you in your garment, for an additional fee. Working with those you’ve already gotten to know via the experience you can have a beautiful, unique edited video. Talk about ‘share-worthy’ content!