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Luli Bebe Diaper Bag Review – Ultimate Style, Ultimate Function

Luli Bebe Diaper Bag | Stylish Diaper Bags for mom

The Luli Bebe diaper bag is on an entirely different level. It’s on a level of comfort, style, and purpose. A mom shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. It’s that very statement that made me fall in love with the Luli Bebe Monaco Diaper Bag.

But its not just the look that makes this bag all the rage. Its purpose, make, and function that makes this diaper bag luxury at its most functional level.

The idea of maternity clothes, motherhood, and baby function is new for a firsthand experience for me; or well maybe second-hand. I am going to be an aunt for the first time and although I am not pregnant myself, I’ve never been this close to someone who is. I live with my sister and we are very close. Seeing pregnancy for the first time through her has broadened my world into something unexpected. Never had I ever known the struggle, discomfort, excitement, and every emotion in-between in its association with pregnancy.

Being from a fashion background, one of the biggest surprised for me was how maternity clothes worked or sometimes didn’t work. And on top of that hearing, my sister wishes more than anything else in the world that she could feel like her normal stylish self again. Approaching motherhood is quite a scare for her for one big reason. She doesn’t want to lose who she is while loving and caring for her upcoming baby. With saying and options that seem so out of character for her, brands like Luli Bebe are showing her that she has options that are more “her”. Seeing the peace that brings her is enough to make us both breathe a little easier.

Luli BeBe Diaper Bag – What Makes it Special?

Luli Bebe diaper bag black Monaco StyleThe Luli Bebe diaper bag is a luxurious style that mimics the quality and prestige of leather. The bag is crafted with premium faux vegan leather so sacrificing quality is never an issue. This makes the bag appear as leather, feel like leather but walk in line with the heart-mind, and the idea of animal welfare. Its make is part of what makes the bag so durable. But don’t get lost in its durability because the gold zippers and latches with distinctive quilted texture details add the style you don’t usually see for this type of product.

The big aspect about the design of this bag that steals my heart is that it has a desirable silhouette. As you can use the bag as a backpack or shoulder bag with a smile change of strap, you can match the bag with different styles and purposes without ever looking bulky or unflattering.

The interior of the Monaco Diaper Bag is one of its most brag-worthy points. The slick satin is beautiful and easy to maintain. In the event of a spill on the interior, it is easy to wipe clean. That matching with stain-resistant exterior makes this bag as durable as it is fashion-forward.

The Monaco Diaper Bag and Its Impressive Function

Satin Interior of perfect purse for new momsThe Luli Bebe diaper bag comes with as much function as it has class. The bag boasts versatility as well as capacity. You can wear the bag multiple ways including the comfort of a backpack. Not only does this over-the-shoulder bag translate well to other wearing options but it’s large enough to house a variety of necessities for you and your little one.

The inside is spacious. There are elastic pockets lining the inside of the bag. These pockets are perfect for bottles and other containers. There is a large central space for bigger items like wipes, snack containers, and more. The bag has an extraordinary opening wide enough to access all items with ease. It even includes a zipper pouch for storing smaller items separately.

Also  on the exterior of the bag, you’ll notice two perfectly sized pockets of beverages. It also has a magnetic pouch on the outside for the items that you need to access more quickly. The multiple different compartments are truly what makes this bag splendid and useful. Your items remain secure and stylish in the Luli Bebe diaper bag.

Luli Bebe Diaper Bag | The Verdict

Golden logo on backpack pocket

Finally, if you can tell, this bag is the bees-knees in this household. I’m excited to carry it myself on one of our next family outings. It not only looks great for mom but it makes for the perfect companion in carrying everything your baby needs while on the go.

Babies end up needing a lot of things for even the simplest of shopping trips. The Monaco Diaper Bag proves to be your best friend on excursions both near and far. The flexible functionality meets every need. And not once do you have to sacrifice personal style to care for the baby. This is a bag my sister and I can both be proud to carry! It is one of the most useful and important items for my nephew.