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New and Expectant Mother Gift Guide – Surviving Pregnancy with These Great Products

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With the world swooning over the new baby people rarely talk about new and expectant mothers gift guide. But let’s not let the baby steal the spotlight from the real star, their mother. Becoming a mother, whether it’s a first time or one of many, is such an important role. There isn’t a better way to say it other than each and every mother out there is a true idol. So why not treat her as she deserves?

Motherhood can be difficult and of course, it presents its fair share of challenges and discomforts. With that being said there are amazing brands and products out there to help the new or expectant mother in your life feel great with the new challenges life has bestowed.

My sister is expecting her firstborn baby. Being with her during this time has helped me learn so much about what having a baby is like from an outside perspective. It’s all exciting, terrifying, beautiful, ugly, magical, and uncomfortable. Feeling all those things at once is truly deserving of its own dictionary.

One of the things I noticed most about my sister is a constant search for comfort. During her pregnancy, she learned all sorts of new things about her body and baby. With that being said she also learned a lot about new products that made this magnificent experience all the easier.

So, we decided to put together the ultimate new and expectant mother gift guide. And no, not just the cutest statements about having to use the restroom every few minutes but a true blue, this stuff will get you through all the beauty and mess of the wonderful world of pregnancy.

New and Expectant Mothers Gift Guide

Skechers GOwalk Arch Fit – Certified Arch Support

new and expectant mothers gift guide Skechers GOWalk Arch Fit ShoesOne of the biggest complaints you hear from every expectant mother is how badly their feet hurt. With more weight and a different distribution at that, the everyday task of walking gets a lot more challenging. Skechers ArchFit shoes are one of the only things that put that extra pep in my sister’s step.

As we go for daily walks together, and she gets clear recommendations on how much walking can help, the task got more and more difficult as her tummy grew and grew. Her Skechers ArchFit shoes are the one thing she claims she wished she had sooner into her pregnancy. These shoes provide her with comfort and stability. They keep this baby caring superstar on her feet longer than even the early days of her pregnancy.

Not only does the podiatrist-certified design make her feel good while wearing them but the shoes come with an extra special perk. Dipping down low to do anything on the ground is tough on a girl carrying a baby through the third trimester; things like tying your shoes is almost a folktale. The fast, easy slip-on nature of her Skechers ArchFit shoes is a breeze allowing her to go through this very normal routine without feeling incapable.

Did I forget to mention that they are machine washable? Talk about convenience!

Nyssa FourthWear Postpartum Comfort Underwear Set with Ice / Heat Pack

Nyssa Fourthwear Underwear and Ice / Heath PackLet’s talk about what we are never allowed to talk about… the pain and discomfort of what happens below the belt. Nyssa makes talking about what happens after giving birth a breeze with a variety of products focusing on helping the new mom feel as good as possible while enjoying the company of her new baby.

The Fourthwear Postpartum comfort underwear and ice/ heat pack make comfort a breeze. The four-way stretch fabric in conjunction with the front pouch pocket for inserting the ice/heat pack brings comfort to the new mom’s healing body. Don’t let the fourth trimester scare you away from becoming the version of yourself that you’ve waited for. This revolutionary product not only allows us to speak about the changes a body endures after pregnancy but it provides the mother with the care she needs during this wild time of changes.

The Ever-Important Pregnancy Seatbelt

woman wearing seatbeltThis is an important product that I didn’t know existed until not long ago. A pregnancy seatbelt can save your baby’s life. There are a ton of different brands, I cannot speak for anyone particularly but understand they are very important. Including this gem on the list of new and expectant mothers, gift guide was a must although this addition is much more for the expectant mom. Don’t neglect the importance of a good pregnancy seatbelt even if you are very early in the process.

These seatbelts modify the placement of the traditional seatbelt in your vehicle. It basically takes the pressure of the bottom seatbelt off of your stomach and baby. It does this by providing a latch-type tool in-between your legs to loop your usual seatbelt through. This puts pressure on your legs instead of your abdomen. It provides a safe environment for the mother and baby in her belly.

Seatbelts present a very real danger for an unborn child. Something as simple as stepping on the breaks too quickly can pose as a risk to the baby. The many brands offering pregnancy seatbelts are lifesavers. Do your own research and select a model that best suits your vehicle and life.

Bandelettes Leg Protection with Anti Cafing Benefits

new and expectant mothers gift guide bandelette thigh bandsBandelettes is a brand dedicated to stopping the dreaded issue of upper thigh chafing. As expectant mothers begin to grow, their comfort is often compromised. Keeping the pregnant woman in your life as comfortable as possible reminds her how much she matters as she tends to the important matter of growing and caring for her upcoming baby.

The brand tackles the taboo topic of upper thigh chafing in an attractive and functional manner. With comfortable bands made from soft fabrics and silicone, protecting skin against irritation is easy and comfortable.

There are several different sizes, style options and colors to fit anyone’s personal style. Bandelettes presents the freedom to move without fear of irritation. It’s the perfect more fashionable alternative to other products on the market. The breathable, lightweight fabric and attractive design make this the favorite anti-chafing method and perfect for pregnant women experiencing this type of discomfort.

Pregnancy Pillow – The Sleep Comfort Must Have

Supporting pregnancy pillow great gift for expectant momsAnother major change in a pregnant woman’s body is the differences in sleeping positions. With her growing tummy, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to how the expectant mom can sleep. With common rules like ‘no sleeping on your back’ and ‘avoid sleeping on your belly, it almost seems like no position is the right position.

While there might not be a real fool-proof way to solve the trouble there are some solutions out there that make for a more comfortable night’s rest. Pregnancy pillows are designed to help expectant mothers with their sleeping positions. They aid with comfortable sleeping positions and protect against accidentally letting habit take hold and ending up in one of those ‘don’t’ positions.

These types of pillows are a must especially once you start entering your second trimester. Getting used to the product before the new belly is too much of a distraction is extremely useful. They come in different shapes and fabrics. The preference on which is the best options truly relies on individual taste however the one that I bought my sister has been a life-saver and it was as simple as an Amazon transaction with Prime 2-day shipping. It’s a new and expectant mother’s gift guide must-have!


*Some products on this list were provided by the brand for honest review and consideration. Please keep that in mind while reading our content and considering our recommended products.