Mesh Crop Hoodie


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you merged cute, stylish and cool together? You’re right, this mesh crop hoodie is defiantly the outcome! If you have the desire to look cute and cool all at the same time try styling your next outfit with this crop top hooded mesh jacket.

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Fashion Designer Heather Spears merges the worlds of cool, comfortable and stylish with this limited release mesh crop hoodie. The black hoody is the perfect completing element to your super cool outfit. It is a comfortable stand-out pieces.

Like stated above, this item is limited edition. Like the rest of Heather Spears designs, limited edition means there is a limited quantity of this item available. Once they are sold out, that’s it and if you got your hands on one you are one lucky human! This item is limited edition of 3. Because Heather designs, and hand-makes all of her looks she keeps each item as unique and exclusive as her clients. This is why the term limited edition means so much to her; because she believes each and every individual wearing her looks should feel as special as they absolutely are.

Along with the purchase of this item you will receive one limited edition of 3 signed print of the first phase of the design process, the fashion sketch featuring this item. The prints to Heather’s design sketches are rare and you will receive this as an authentication that the work is indeed hand-made by the designer herself.

Heather Spears is known for making unique custom fashion. She loves working directly with her clients on special projects. If you want your own custom look made and designed exclusively for you then please reach out in our contact box for more information.

Thank you for stopping by our limited edition mesh crop hoodie and always remember to celebrate your special uniqueness!