BCBG Haul – I Bought All of This for $60

BCBG Warehouse Loadout – A closer Look at My Finds Continued

Peach Velvet Pants “CIAN”

Heather Wearing her Peach Velevet Pants from BCBG Warehouse Sale

Original Retail: $198 | My Price: $5 | Online Used: $45

These pants are to die for. This is one of the items that had its original tags on it. The original price tag on the item that I got from the BCBG haul sale is $198. The pants are great quality, super soft and best of all very comfortable. They are currently available used on Poshmark for $45 with another listing at $80. All official listings for this item on BCBG brand websites are unavailable.


Cotton Cargo Pants

Womens Fashionable Cargo Pants in TanOriginal Retail: $198 | My Price: $5 | Online Used: $65

I absolutely adore these pants. They are so comfortable but admittedly wrinkles very easily. There were official listings of this item on sale on the BCBGMAXAZRIA website. However, all official listings, sale and original retail are now gone. The original retail hits at $198 but the sale price brings it down to about 50% off. That makes the lowest sale price reach around $99. With that being said the only place to can currently purchase this item like most others is used on Poshmark. The Poshmark price seems to currently be at $65.


Tan Crop Top “HANA”

BCBG Warehouse Sale Tan Crop Top "Hana"Original Retail: $158 | My Price: $5 | Online Used: Sold Out

This item came with its original tags from the warehouse sale. The tags mark the tan crop top “Hana” at $158. This is a high-quality item that fits like a glove. Again, the item is from the BCBGMAXAZRIA line. The item is no longer available on the official website. I was able to find a listing for the item on Poshmark for $58 dollars. There was only one listing and it has sold so this top is currently unavailable online.