BCBG Haul – I Bought All of This for $60

BCBG Haul – A closer Look at My Finds Continued

Grey Suede Vest

Girl in Suede Grey Vest With Fringe DetailOriginal Retail: $238 | My Price: $10 | Online Used: $145

Then I saw another BCBGMAXAZRIA item. There was more than one of these at the sale but they went very fast once they were put out for the crowd to grab. I paid $10 for the vest. It came with original tags at $238. This is a very high-quality item and I can see why the price is steep. It is currently being sold used online for $145 at Poshmark. Like most of the other items, this one is sold out on the official website.


Navy Blue Dress

MAXAZRIA dress with unknown style name in Navy Blue from HaulOriginal Retail: Unknown | My Price: $10 | Online Used: Sold Out

Next, this dress is the stumper of the sale. When I found it while gathering my BCBG haul load it did not have tags; no price, no name and not even a size. Because it didn’t have tags I could not find the official name of the dress. This makes searching for the look online much harder. I have not been able to track it down but absolutely love this dress. It’s sleek, sophisticated and sexy. This is the perfect dress for me and I wish I had more information about it.


BCBG Haul – Conclusion

Finally, the BCBG warehouse sale was full of shoppers and excitement. But there wasn’t much organization but that made finding pieces to fall in love with even more fun. The value of the items at the retail price compared to what they were going for at the sale definitely made the event popular.

At the end of the day my I met my strict $60 budget. Also, this sale had so many cute options. These clothes are hard to afford otherwise. I wish my budget was higher because I could have picked way more pieces. If I had bought each of the items at the retail price I would have ended up paying over $1668. That price does not include the navy blue dress that I was unable to find. Now that’s a saving worth sharing and a great outcome to my BCBG haul!

BCBG Warehouse Sale Haul Heather Spears Holding a bunch of Clothes

Sale Disclaimer: All online research was valid at the time of publishing this article. And all information found in this article is subject to change.