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Summer Relaxation Gifte Guide | Summer Must-Have Relaxing Gifts

Summer is all about relaxing, right? So why not make a summer relaxation gift guide to remind ourselves that self-care is important and easier than ever this summer. I put together a list of some awesome items that are filling my summer with tranquil vibes fit for the perfect vacay.

Whether you have the time for a full vacation or need a little ounce of paradise at home after a long day, this list has some amazing items to add to your next shopping list. Never neglect your right to feel good. These items assure that you are the top priority in your life. There is truly nothing wrong with that!

Relaxation Gift Guide – Summer Feel Good Gifts

The Self Care Bucket List

Summer Relaxation Gift Guide Item Self Care Bucket List Cards

This is one of the most uniquely helpful items in my home. The Self Care Bucket List is probably my favorite addition to the summer relaxation gift guide because it reminds me to think about myself. This is a set of cards with tasks centered on self-care. They are cards filled with things meant to bring you joy. I find that this card set is the perfect way to break negative thinking. Honestly, it quickly became one of the most trusted feel-good items in my home. Breaking a negative thought pattern not only helps me feel more positive but also helps me with productivity. It’s one of the simplest ways to get a healthier stronger and confident version of yourself!

It’s crazy how a simple card with a light-hearted task can change the outcome of any moment and doing so can spiral into a more positive day- which turns into a more positive week, and the trend can go on and on. I think every household needs The Self Care Bucket List because it’s just one of those items that can change your life.

Nectar Bath Treats

Nectar Bath Treats Fruit Smoothie Flavor

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice bath. Nectar makes that experience even better with a variety of the cutest bath ‘treats’ you will ever see. Things like bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and body lotions just got a whole lot cuter. Not only is their marketing to die for but they have some of the most excellent scented items. It feels like you are taking a bath in a dimension that focuses on baking sweets!

Their fruit smoothie collection is the perfect combination of sweet and fruity and the best scent for a sweet summer! You really can’t have a summer relaxation gift guide without including indulging yourself in a sweet bath… literally. Nectar bath treats make that experience easier and better than ever right from the comfort of your own tub!

Sapiens Non-Alcohol Wines

Summer Relaxation Gift Guide Sapiens Non-Alcohol Wine

Having a glass of wine with dinner is one of the most precious luxuries. It’s easy to find comfort in the idea and it’s something so many of us have in common. Sapiens does an incredible job bringing a product to market that mimics the comfort and joy Wine adds to a meal or social event without the more complicated component of alcohol.

This is a perfect low-calorie option with 0.0% alcohol that doesn’t compromise the traditional beloved flavor. It starts out with alcohol and then it’s removed so the one enjoying the drink gets the great taste of traditional wines.

As someone who typically passes on alcohol, this option is friendly for me as social gatherings. It is also the perfect option for dry parties or those practicing being sober. This is a simple joy that so many of us love and to have an option for everyone is just the sort of self-care that matters most.

Citrus Breeze Candle

Citrus Breeze Candle from New Jersey

Let your senses take you away with this Citrus Breeze candle. This candle is the perfect addition to our summer relaxation gift guide because there is nothing like letting your senses help your imagination drift into bliss. The Citrus Breeze candle is the perfect scent to mentally transport you to another location. It has a soft, sweet scent that takes your mind on vacation. Its beautiful aroma is complemented by the never overwhelming sensation of White Grapefruit, Cassis, Mint, & Turmeric.

Not only does this candle smell amazing but it comes in a beautiful watercolor artwork jar. This label is hand illustrated which adds an extra element of character to the piece. The hand-poured candle with eye-catching artwork makes for a wonderful addition to room decor. The jar is easy to reuse for storage or eave a small vase making this candle both relaxing and handy.

The Meteor Heated Massage Ball

Summer Relaxation Gift Guide The Meteor Massage Ball

If you are someone with chronic aches and pains, an athlete, or a traveler this heated massage ball is your new best friend. A combination of heat and vibration in one easy device is the perfect recipe for relaxation. This addition to our summer relaxation gift guide comes with special bonuses. Not only does The Meteor heated massage ball help with relaxation but it provides benefits towards healing injury, promoting muscle recovery, and reducing chronic pain. This makes The Meteor big helps with athletes and others who commonly perform physical activities.

So whether you are looking for a fun escape to daily stress or you want to promote a faster recovery The Meteor is a wonderful product to keep on your radar. The company behind this heated massage ball is a popular fan favorite from Shark Tank. With engineers, athletes, doctors, and physical recovery specialists on board; it’s no wonder they gained such positive support and attention. As a big fan of their product, The Meteor heated massage ball deserves high praise. It is perfect for relaxation and boasts actual benefits for recovery. Talk about a win-win situation.


SleepPhones the Best Wireless Headphones for sleep

SleepPhones are essential to our Summer Relaxation Gift Guide because they are a first of their kind. These headphones are specifically for sleeping. That’s right, you are supposed to wear these while you sleep! They have an extra thin speaker nestled within a comfortable headband. The headband masks out outside noise while providing the most comfortable way to listen to your favorite music, meditations, audiobooks, or podcasts. I think SleepPhones are revolutionary for those who love to listen while in bed or even for the traveler.

This easy-to-store design integrates with Bluetooth technology to bring you wireless, comfortable, and exclusive sound while you relax. While the company also offers a wired version it’s the wireless option that really wow’s me! They are perfect for promoting deep sleep. SleepPhones bring a sense of fluency, comfort, and relaxation you have to experience to believe.

Prana Brush

Prana Brush Dry Body Brush

Dry brushing your body is an experience that is brand new to my life. It’s a beneficial health practice that has a long history. The enriching benefits are brand new to my world. I was so surprised to almost instantly feel energized, refreshed, and different after introducing Prana Brush into my daily routine.

With ion-charged copper bristles, this brush is truly unique. This creates negative ions to help the body with protection from free radicals. The brush also boasts stimulation of lymph slow helping the body purge toxins. While all of this is very promising I love the direct and noticeable feeling of the brush on my skin. After using the Prana Brush I notice a refreshed and energized feeling. There is nothing more relaxing than feeling like the best version of yourself. So whether the brush lives up to its amazing promises or reminds us to take a moment of self-care in our day, the benefits are undeniable.

Let products like these take you away and turn your summer into a uniquely you, tranquil experience!