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T-shirt to Varsity Jacket DIY – How to Make a Varsity Jacket out on an Old T-Shirt

DIY Jacket from T-Shirt Tutorial Before and After

So you want to follow along on this T-shirt to varsity jacket DIY! I am so excited you decided to join me with this unique project. But before we get started let me remind you that I have a full video tutorial available for this look. Sometimes it’s nice to see exactly what’s going on in a project like this and sometimes it’s nice to read along at your own pace. No matter what your preference is there is an option available for you. If you want to take a peek at how things are done each step as a quick jump timestamp just to make it easier to find your place.

Hopefully, this guide helps you stay connected and finish this super fun project yourself!

First off let’s take a look at some of the supplies we will need for this project.


– T-shirt

– Fabric Liner

– Fabric Sleeves

– Ribbing Fabric

– Interfacing

– Snaps

– Supplies for Decoration (Circut Iron-on sheets, Patches, Fabric Paints, Etc.)

General Sewing Equipment:

– Scissors

– Pins

– Seam Ripper

– Sewing Machine

– Iron or Circuit Easy Press

– (Optional) Circut Cutting Machine

– (Optional) Overlock Machine


Step 1: Examine Your Shirt  T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Supplies


When doing this T-shirt to Jacket DIY you have to think about the shirt you plan to use. T-shirts are all very different; in size, logo, style and more.

In this tutorial, my shirt has a large front logo. I want that logo to be the back of my DIY jacket. Because of this that makes the front of this shirt the back of my jacket and the back of this shirt the front of my jacket.

*If your logo is already on the back you can skip this step and proceed without swapping the back and the front.