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T-shirt to Varsity Jacket DIY – How to Make a Varsity Jacket out on an Old T-Shirt

DIY Jacket from T-Shirt Tutorial Before and After

T-shirt to Varsity Jacket DIY Continued

Step 5: Pin and Sew the Jacket Main and Liner Fabric

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 5 Pin and Sew Jacket and Liner FabricVIDEO TIME STAMP – 6:19

The next step in our T-shirt to varsity jacket DIY is to sew the main pieces together. Pin and sew the pieces in their proper locations for both the T-Shirt and liner fabric. Sew the fabric right sides facing each other along the side seams and shoulder seams being careful to leave the armhole and front of the jacket opening.


Step 6: Iron Press Seams Opened

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 6 iron Opened SeamsVIDEO TIME STAMP – 6:46

It is very important to remember to press the seams you just made flat. This ensures a quality finish to the DIY design.


Step 7: Baste Stich the Liner into the Jacket Main

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 6 Sew Liner into JacketVIDEO TIME STAMP – 7:08

Next, insert the liner into the main jacket piece. Be careful to make sure that the wrong sides of the fabric are facing each other.

Match up the seams of both the jacket main and liner pieces to create one solid piece out of these two pieces.

Then, baste or stay stitch these two pieces together. At the beginning of this article, I mention a seam ripper. If any of the baste stitching is visible on the finished product from this step, you will need to use that seam ripper.


T-shirt to Varsity Jacket Steps 8 – Adding the Sleeves

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 8 Applying the SleevesVIDEO TIME STAMP – 7:38

Then, grab the new sleeves for your DIY Varsity style jacket and sew them closed making sure right sides are facing each other.

And now, it’s time to sew those closed sleeves to the main jacket by again making sure right sides are facing each other, lining up the seams and sewing each sleeve onto the Jackets armholes.


Step 9: Create Snap Button Jacket Opening Pieces

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 9 Create Button OpeningVIDEO TIME STAMP – 8:06

This part gets a little confusing but it’s so important with keeping the finished product clean and looking professional.

Start by measuring the opening area of your jacket and adding approximately 1.5-2inches to that measurement.

Then, grab the strip of fabric you removed from the bottom of the T-shirt originally and cut a rectangle the same length out of that fabric (width is ¼ inch more than the measurement you want your snap area to be)

Then cut a strip of liner the same length as the T-shirt strip but a width around 2 inches longer than that strip.

And now, cut out a piece of interfacing the exact same shape as that T-Shirt strip and adhere it to the T-shirt strip in whichever way your interfacing directions state to do so.

Place the right side of your liner strip onto the right side of your T-shirt strip and sew the pieces together.

Then lay the pieces flat and fold over the edge that will be at the bottom of your jacket. And sew it finished.

Finally, put these two pieces aside because we will be applying them to the main jacket after the next step concludes.