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T-shirt to Varsity Jacket DIY – How to Make a Varsity Jacket out on an Old T-Shirt

DIY Jacket from T-Shirt Tutorial Before and After

T-shirt to Varsity Jacket DIY Continued

Step 10: Cutting and Applying Ribbing (Bottom and Sleeves)

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 10 Ribbing for SleeveVIDEO TIME STAMP – 10:04

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 10 Ribbing for SleeveFirst, measure the bottom edge of your jacket and cut a strip of ribbing that same size and approximately 3.5 to 4 inches thick.

Then measure around your own wrist another strip of ribbing that length with a width double the length you want the ribbing to show on your jacket (mine is around 8 inches so that 4 inches will show on the finished product).

Sew the sleeve ribbing together at the seams then fold it over to hide that seam before sewing them onto the end of each of your sleeves.

Then fold over the bottom edge ribbing creating a 1.5-2 inch band and sew it to the bottom raw edge of your jacket (right sides facing each other).

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 10 Measure Bottom Edge


Step 11: Adding Your Snape Closure Area to The Jacket

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 11 Adding Snap Closure AreaVIDEO TIME STAMP – 11:01

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 12 Finishing Snap Closure AreaNext, pick up the two snap pieces we made out of the Shirts spare fabric. Put the right sides of the fabric facing each other on the raw opening edge of the fabric and sew them in place.

At this point, your jacket should almost be complete besides the snap area liner that is hanging forward.

Pull the liner fabric into the jacket and topstitch where you’ll want your jacket to close. Put a few securing stitches around the other edge of the jacket opening liner pieces to get that clean finish.


T-shirt to Varsity Jacket Step 12 – Adding Snaps

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 13 Adding SnapsVIDEO TIME STAMP – 11:26

Then, measure out an area on your jacket where you’ll want to apply the snaps. Make sure to measure even amounts of space between the snaps and put a light pencil or chalk mark on the jacket for your reference.

There are a lot of different ways someone can add snaps like this to a product. I will have a full tutorial on how to do that on my YouTube channel too but for now please refer to the video above at approximately 11:45 for a very quick rundown of how I applied my snaps.

I am not detailing the application process here because not everyone has the same kind of snaps. If your snaps are not like mine then follow your own directions on how to put the snaps in the correct location on the jacket.


Step 13: Adding Ribbing Collar

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Step 14 Finishing Collar with RibbingVIDEO TIME STAMP – 12:30

The final step in completing this DIY Shirt to Jacket alteration is adding a ribbing collar to the final piece.

To do this measure the length of the raw neck exist area and cut a piece of ribbing that length by approximately 4 inches wide.

Apply the collar ribbing in the same way as we did the bottom raw edge; making sure the right sides are facing each other.

After you sew the collar to the main jacket you are all done with the DIY project. But don’t stop there because there is an option step that is simply to fun to not try!