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T-shirt to Varsity Jacket DIY – How to Make a Varsity Jacket out on an Old T-Shirt

DIY Jacket from T-Shirt Tutorial Before and After

T-shirt to Varsity Jacket DIY Continued

Step 14 (Optional): Decorating your Jacket

T-shirt to Jacket DIY - Optional Step DecorationVIDEO TIME STAMP – 13:08

Next, to complete this look and really make the jacket seem like a varsity-style jacket decorate the final piece. Using things like iron on decals, paints or patches really makes your piece come to life. This is a fun part to add a personal touch to your look.

On my piece, I drew a digital drawing of a retro Super Mario style mushroom on adobe illustrator and cut the design out using iron-on vinyl sheets at my circuit machine.

But this is again your area to shine so adding your own unique personal touches to this piece is best. Think of the best places of your jacket to decorate like the tops of the sleeves and chest area; or if you don’t have a big logo on the back as I do then the back is a great place to add a personal touch or two as well!

DIY T-Shirt to Varsity Jacket by Heather Spears


And with that our DIY T-Shirt to Varsity jacket is complete. I know it gets a little complicated but I hope this helped you make your very own T-shirt to varsity-style jacket.


DIY T-Shirt to Varsity Jacket back by Heather SpearsIn addition, these DIY projects are so fun and I cannot wait to bring you guys more.

Finally, thank you very much for stopping by and learning with me. I hope to see you for my next DIY project!


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