Gift Guide 2021

Ultimate Baby Gift Guide | From New Born to Beyond

Baby Gift Guide 2021 Showing What to Get for New Baby

A baby gift guide! You can hardly say that without letting out a little squeal. I love shopping for babies and I didn’t even know that until my first nephew was on the way. Now I can’t stop researching products the little guy might need. I put together a list of really cool brands I came across to help you guys get some of your baby shopping done. Who knows, you might even discover something you never knew about; I know I did.

In my pursuit to be the best, most supportive aunt in the world- these are products perfect for baby showers, family, friends or even picking up something extra special for your own baby. First, as I always say in my baby-related posts: congratulations to all the expectant mothers out there. Having a baby is such a magnificent journey. And you are loved and supported here with me. I see you, hear you, and want you to know just how special you and your upcoming child are.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Some amazing brands, amazing messages, and amazing products. Take a look at the items below to find out what baby gift guide item is your favorite!

Baby Gift Guide | Some of My Fav Products for Babies and Beyond

Wearable Baby Gifts | Dress to Impress

Feltman Brothers | Cute Timeless Special Event Outfits

Baby Gift Guide Feltman Brothers Timeless Outfits


There isn’t a baby brand on the planet with a cuter, more timeless aesthetic than Feltman Brothers. They offer some of the cutest, highest-quality special even wear for your baby and toddlers. Their collections remain timeless and cute. With jaw-dropping beautiful hand-embroidered detail, Feltman Brothers create awe-inspiring clothes for the little ones in your life.

Feltman Brothers pieces remain one of the most gift-worthy options on our baby gift guide. Its pieces like this create some of the fondest memories. Laying eyes on one of the pieces looks like a special occasion. And as the saying goes, they are only that little once.

Using cute designs like these to make that occasion all the more special is as enduring as the designs themselves. Showing off this cute style will never get old. Discovering Feltman Brothers and seeing the wonders of childhood they keep alive through their clothing is worth a smile all in itself.

Beau and Belle Littles | Unisex Swim Diaper

Unique Baby Gift Guide Item Beau & Belle Reusable Swim DiaperBeau and Belle Littles make a product perfect for spring/summer babies like my upcoming little nephew. Our Baby gift guide features a sort of diaper you may not think about with an upcoming little one on the way. They make waterproof swim diapers.

One thing is for sure, there isn’t much in the world that can match the excitement of a baby who loves water. There is one big problem when it comes to babies and water and that is diapers. Little ones who don’t know how to use the potty might still love the fun wetness of water. So Beau and Belle came up with a grand solution, reusable, fun, waterproof swim diapers!

This is a great alternative to reusable swim diapers. With adjustable legs and waist/tummy exist, these diapers fit a variety of sizes and come in a variety of colors. And this is an eco-friendly alternative that lasts your baby for months to come. They are easy to wash and keeps others safe from certain accidents.

These swim diapers are perfect for vacations, you won’t want to be around water without them!

Baby Says – Chalkboard Shoes | Track Every Moment!

Baby Gift Guide Baby Says Chalk Shoes for PhotoshootsIn an age of social media posts, phones with high-quality cameras, and more, Baby Says – Chalkboard Shoes. Is a stand-out item. This addition to the growing baby gift guide is unique and fun. They are baby shoes with bottoms that act as the perfect canvas. With markers that wipe away, the bottoms of these shoes can be anything you want. From first words, milestones, and other important moments; let Chalkboard Shoe act as a display for those precious moments.

Chalkboard shoes are the perfect product to capture a memory. Not only do they act as the best surface for drawing those wonderful milestones but they are also so much fun for older siblings. Let the easy-to-clean bottom of Baby Says Chalkboard shoe be the drawing surface for an older sibling. It’s moments like those that create memories even on days a milestone doesn’t hit!

Finally, baby shoes are the cutest thing in the world anyway. Now, the world’s cutest piece of apparel just got cuter. These pint-sized Chalkboard Shoes let your imagination take the wheel. Capture all of that and more, right on the bottoms of your baby’s feet with this super cute product.

Baby Gift Guide | Gifts for Mom

Luli Bebe | Monaco Diaper Bag

Luli Bebe Diaper Bag Best most Stylish Diaper Bag Baby Gift GuideYou can’t have a baby gift guide without first thinking about mom! Luli Bebe products some of the most stylish, high-quality diaper bags I’ve ever seen. The Monaco Diaper Bag is an accessory to the busy, on-the-go mom who keeps style in mind. This necessity is where style meets function. No mom should ever have to sacrifice her style- this diaper bag proves it!

With a premium faux vegan leather finish, there is no substitute for its amazing quality. This is one of the smoothest best-designed diaper bags in existence and the best way to show the mom in your life that her personal style is still important. The way a mom feels about herself is something to prioritize. Luli Bebe makes that their focus with their luxury bags with an important purpose. This is a bag that can do everything you need with the highest function and supreme design and quality. When I say you can’t go wrong with Luli Bebe, I mean it.

We love this bag so much it has its own feature! Check that out for more information on the Luli Bebe diaper bag. Or check out some of the other fantastic color options on their official website. You won’t be disappointed.

Zorbies | Postpartum Panties

This might not be a baby item on our baby gift guide but it is one about expectant mothers and their recovery. Zorbies produces postpartum panties for recovering moms that look and feel like regular underwear. After giving birth, a new mom needs time to recover but her wants most likely remain the same. She just wants to feel like herself again. A great way to start feeling ‘normal’ again is through recovering with products like Zorbies.

These are washable, protection from the outcome of giving birth. They are comfortable and get the new mom back to feeling more like herself. Zorbies provide built-in protection with a multi-layer absorbent system. The underwear lay flat and feel great. Moister gets locked between layers providing comfort in knowing that what’s happening with your body is not only normal but you are in control!

Baby Gift Guide | Keeping it Comfy

Kushie GoPillow | Wearable and Versatile Pillow

Kushie’s GoPillow is a multi-purpose comfort tool perfect for any baby gift guide. The most impressive aspect of this travel pillow is that it allows parents a hands-free, multi-purpose function that few other designs offer. The function of this pillow varies from breastfeeding with a built-in privacy cover to become a portable diaper changing surface. Your imagination is truly the limit with the GoPillow but one thing remains. Kushie’s GoPillow remains adaptable, comfortable, and perfect for a growing baby.

But my favorite aspect about the GoPillow is its adaptability. This pillow has a hidden compartment for a retractable blanket. This is where the true function comes into play. When a parent or caregiver slides their arm through the opening of the pillow you can really see the multiple uses form. Some of the functions include a portable travel pillow for all ages, play-tummy-time surface, swaddling wrap, and blanket.

Because of how many different uses the GoPillow provides I highly recommend this as a surprise gift for unsuspecting parents for baby showers. As a product with so many important uses, the GoPillow is something every parent needs. It’s constant comfort for babies and beyond!

Birdy Boutique |Car Seat Safe Comfort Traveling Poncho

Car Seat Poncho by Birdy BoutiqueBrands with great backstories are some of my favorites to include in gift guides. Our baby gift guide would not be complete without mentioning the purposeful products by Birdy Boutique. These products are brought to you by a woman-owned, disabled veteran and mom. They are not only some of the most useful and well-throughout pieces but they are kid-approved and families love them!

I got the amazing car seat poncho which helps meet travel needs in a way this first-time aunt may have never thought of. With a car seat-safe poncho perfect for growing little ones, your children can remain comfortable and warm while on the move as well as seated safely in their car seat. The poncho lifts over the car seat for optimal safety. Its low maintenance cute design is perfect for wearing outside the car as well as in.

You don’t think about the dangers of clumpy blankets in the car seat often. Nor do you really think of a solution for the busy moving hands of your toddler or child as you try to safely strap them in. Taking that extra step to comfort them before driving off with traditional methods can be a breeze with the ease, comfort, and wearability of the car seat poncho. But my description doesn’t do the brand justice. Definitely check out their official website to see the car seat poncho in action as well as check out some of their other fun products including kid-friendly learning blankets!

Best Gifts for Fun and Games

Barnaby Bear | Connection, Education and a Book Buddy

Where Oh Where is Barnaby Bear Book and Buddy for KidsNever underestimate how important it is to read to your baby. Hearing mom and dad speak is one of the most important things you can do for your baby. Books like “Where oh Where is Barnaby Bear” are a cornerstone to comfort, education, friendship, and more which makes lasting impressions on your baby as they grow into childhood.

This book series is one of my favorite additions to our baby gift guide for a few reasons. First, its simple, rhythmic flow with cute and colorful pictures will delight any new and curious eyes. But the book doesn’t stop there. With a real-life bear, tangible and to hold, Barney Bear becomes more than just a favorite book character, he becomes a friend.

I love the idea of introducing a character you will see again and again to the baby before they understand how special it is. Keeping that central character at the heart of their reading will help the growth of imagination and friendship. This book and bear speaks so much louder than most adults might notice and that’s part of what makes Barnaby Bear such a unique and important member of the household.

Health and Special Care Items

Pinxav | Soothe, Heal and Prevent Diaper Rash

Baby Gift Guide Pinkxav Diaper Rash Cream Pinxav is one of the most practical items on our baby gift guide? Why, because it solves such an important problem new parents might not expect. The baby’s comfort is a top priority. That pretty much goes without saying but what if I told you most baby’s develop diaper rash at least once every six months. Not even the keenest and caring parent can put an absolute stop to the rash that’s near-inevitable. That’s where Pinxav comes in.

With one of the best reputations on the market and a beautiful family backstory, Pinxav is a proven method to soothe, heal and prevent diaper rash. This family-run business has been passed down for years as a perfect way to treat common irritations. Since 1927, Pinxav is a go-to fix for those discomforts we work so hard to keep from the new baby.

Keeping products like this in mind can help you overcome the issue before it becomes a big problem. That brings the baby comfort and the parent peace of mind which is a win-win situation.

Mabel’s Labels | Baby Label Pack

Mabels Labels for Labeling Kids and Baby ItemsPractical and thoughtful, Mabel’s Labels creates custom labels for your baby, toddler, and child. Labels are an easy and important way to tell which item is which on playdates, at daycare, in school and so much more.  Including this on our baby gift guide is for the busy but prepared parent. With life moving so fast keeping track of even the simplest things can seem harder than ever. Mabel’s Labels creates an easy solution that brings about peace of mind.

I received the Baby Label Pack to celebrate the arrival of my new nephew. This pack is perfect because it has a variety of sizes and options including waterproof tags. Labeling things like diaper bags, onesies and booties is a breeze with this cute label pack.

One of my favorite parts about Mabel’s Labels is that the customization doesn’t just stop at the name of your baby or child. You can also pick from a variety of cute icons that become easy for your growing child to recognize on their own. Things like a lion shape with their name accompanying the label make it easy to see which item is theirs and not lose that important item.

Finally, you can even use Mabel’s Labels to separate items in your own home. It works perfectly for households with multiple children!